Jim Crow - Bless The Concrete Lyrics

Jim Crow Lyrics

Bless The Concrete Lyrics
now i don worried fo da last time
thankin bout how ya'll niggas choke like da big game
gettin slapped like a BITCH it ain't no new thang
without dat cheese see im cakin em up shawty to cut fo fees
now big time celebrity cant u tell frum there
open yo heart to dis ho she light skinned wit good hair
got u caught up in emotions dat u cant replace
now u comin out yo pocket cause she givin you face
gettin laced wit yo boyz i know shawty she wit da dubs
see she da type a bitch'll git u served at da club
pinnin pictures to get you all versace down
straight clown and den she waitin on some weddin vows
LAME NIGGA! u shoulda known dat she wouldn't shit
instead of spendin cheese u shoulda got dat bitch slick NOW!

[chorus x2]

its all about survival do or die
it just aint big enough for u and i
if i dont git u you'll git me
as soon as my feet bless the concrete

now hold up
i think my eyes playin a joke on me homes
i know niggas didnt just finish runnin out of my home
i think its best fo dem to wait fo my hi to settle
because thats da best way they live through da day nigga!
i hate it cause my weight was missing
bust off a couple shots wit my neighbors listening
pissed off cause my safe had a empty space
and murder will be da case if money aint replaced
and i know who knew exactly where my stash was
plus i bet i reach his crib fo his ass does
now hes a has was
life must not mean much
i bring a homocide scene once my greens touch
da phone ring i picks it up aint nothin but-
[a whats up dog i heard you got stuck fo some money now you know i was born
wit a heart full of stone im wit whatever man hit yo boy tell me when its

nigga its on tonite
meet me at da spot
shoot up his gravesite and leave da casket hot
i dont care how we do it
long as it git don
cash back plus some dont make me have to bust some
when it come to money trust none
it be dem hot ones u be runnin frum
see where im comin frum

[chorus x2]

i aint lyin
some times i feel like a microphone
lame niggas keep talkin to me wont leave me 'lone
bit da dome
somebody please turn da speakers on
so these lame boys can hear demselves remindin me ??
beat da wrong nigga down lookin fo a half a pound
but buddy had a ounce so i laughed and i bounced
ha ha ha
shawty pimped a ???
mackin never slackin never cappin say minyon
let me tell bout a crazy ho i meet frum Crenshaw
she was jockin on my state but den a hold up wait
thats da same hoochie dat got Pookie in dat dookie
lied and said that my nigga was physically abusive
losin my cool but i stay calm and i collect there
knowin dat dis ho just want my money and and my sex and
beggin me to go home her so i went on wit da ho (damn)
now she got my stupid ass sittin up in court
shawty lyin yo honor
u can ask my nigga oozie
all i got was some head
hear da teeth marks to prove it
but anyhow i won da case and shawty went back to L.A.
[rule 1] watch yo ass next time you get some face cause

[chorus x2]

[music fades]
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