Jigmastas - Lyrical Fluctuation Lyrics

Jigmastas Lyrics

Lyrical Fluctuation Lyrics
(feat. Mr. Complex,Pharaohe Monch, S. Sahdeeq,Talib Kweli)

[Kriminul (of Jigmastas)]
What, yo, Beyond Real, baby, Joc Max, baby
For the 99 and beyond, yo, check it out
Yo, by the some of the shit y'all spit, it's hard to keep
interest in this game
And I know some of y'all don't like the shit that we spit
we feel the same
See the plan ??? don't roll with a lot of niggaz just a few friends
And I blast before a nigga even get a chance to put in his two cents
Don't get me wrong, it's all love and war
But my fellow black brothers like iced down jewelry in the projects
We attract others, bro for black rubbers
The way I stretch you out, you wanna test me
You be the artist formerly known as alive, so please don't stress me
Y'all motherf*ckers is too sexy, and y'all supposed to be hardcore?
And y'all supposed to be givin the consumer, what they ask for?
About to tap the plexi-glass ora, along with that glass jaw
Pass the microphone to my nigga Mark like Terry Bradshaw

[Pharaohe Monch]
Spit miraculous shit, drink Dracula's blood, exist for centuries
My DNA 'ventually, mends wounds, heals injuries
The identity unknown for obvious extremities
Pharaohe the assassin who was hired to kill Kennedy
The murder of Malcolm X my only aborted assignment
Reduce my molecules than pass through solid confinement
The eclectic, collectively individual
Please, your f*ckin with the wrong individual
Why would one even combat an entity
In which one is attacked by absorbing your energy
I already peeped your verse before you said it
I scan the wack shit with through the powers of telekenitics

[Chorus: Kriminul]
One minute to rhyme, one minute to shine, one minute before detonation
One time for lyrical fluctuation
One life to live, and though its better to give
We'd rather take time out, for this lyrical fluctuation

[Talib Kweli]
Most rappers try to keep it real, I go way beyond
My shit is airtight, more Professional than Leon
Phenomenal bird's-eye view, your shit is comical
My parables be astronomically bombing you
We calmin you down, yo my sound take you back in history
Picture me kickin brown skin lady to black women in Antiquities
Consider me the cat who got rhymes like the clouds got raindrops
I read the book and I been there, what! y'all niggaz just ???
Plus, I can pronounce Pharaohe Monch, I know who the hell he is
Funky man or skeletor, I master the universe the Jigs (masta)
Kid I call your name out, not the alias, but your government
For the love of it, I tear you up and spit you out like done with it

[Mr. Complex]
I wanna be that fly new boy when the kids crack out on the table the
tape or CD and hear me, shape your minds
Daily I do, and you the tool don't, front like your special
Special meaning you just don't got it
Unless you got it and you forgot it
Here's the refresher, better knowledge, you could challenge your professor
I make kids just give up rappin
Some odd forms of talkin
I frustrate you like tryin to rewind on a auto-reverse walkmen
You look confused like little kids trying to cross busy streets
Is it the beat, is it the rhyme that go you mindin mine like business?
The sign of times when the population's like who is this?
But it's 'Plex, I start a craze like sex
I got more styles than cinemas at Sunrise Multiplex


[Shabaam Sahdeeq]
Yo, I'm rugged on streets as well as I'm rugged on wax
Your style's sweet, won't you do a song with the Rugrats?
I hold shit down for 'delph, venoms circulate up in em
Funny when I spin em like they in the tu-tu's
Sahdeeq rebute you, refuse you like short change
Long range, strokin your lady with no stain
My flows aim, dent your chest like Tinman
Shake em apart, send em down the rode with no heart
These five here, nothin to F*CK with this year
You see through like Sheer, pantyhose spendin hoe
Dubbin, analogue and digital flows
Screwin up your cerebral, shit you can't even conceive bro
Heave-ho, off the steam ship with your weak flow
My style heavy like pebo, Malik cast like devo
The best rest ???, now sleep it off stupid
Krim', Pharaohe, Kweli, Complex, Sahdeeq new shit
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