Jibbs - Yeah Boii Lyrics

Jibbs Lyrics

Yeah Boii Lyrics
David Banner

In the Rich Corner, Hailing from Southside St.Louis the youngest phenomenal feat of
all time...Jibbs!!!

[Chrous x2:]
The cars is plush (Yeah Boii)
Ain't u dat Big Kid wit dat Big bo truck (Yeah Boii)
Ain't u dat one wit money stacked to the ceiling (Yeah Boii)
And it's a problem when the Big Kid Jibbs into the building

[Verse 1:]
I stay fresh I stay flyer than da rest
Cuz when a kid didn't have much the hatas love to talk mess
But betta yet, I stay flyer than a plane than a bird
Put my truck on 32's and got it lookin like it ain't a curb
I mean my words
Go back on words to dat limit then I got the gurls
Goin crazy for da boi cuz I have no flurs
And all da guys say I'm silly because I cannot shur
I run my city like Diddly so u can call me mur
But na you didn't see me comin
You can here me for you see me cause Lambourgini hummin
Got the hummer behind me and the da beat just bumpin
Bangin da concrete and got u A-Town stompin
Aye yo I represent dat south S-T-L-O-U-I-S man
Where dey love to rock them fitted caps and dem headbands
My Loui gurls dressed in all white like it's a wedding
And Pookie man standing right by my side in black like he da best man

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I got dat S-550 wit dat panaramic top
And my different colors rims keep spinnin when I stop
Yeah da kid so flashy just to be my age
But gurl don't mind me cuz dats just my wage (Yeahhh...)
What a wonderful day I'm so icy
Now all the other cats wanna be just like me
And that's for the fact that all the gurls like me
Lil Mama calm down cuz ya gettin a lil fiesty
I got different color cars wit my Big Big Bling
Where reflections off da wall make ya think ya seeing things
And the trunk just thundering got everybody rumbaling
Da truck sittin so high dat chu can see what's under it

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Yeah it's Young Jibbs (Yeah Boii)
And yes I'm curious man I got a question (Yeah Boii)
Ain't chu dat Big Big Kid dat all da gurls Lovin (Yeah Boii)
Cuz u forreal when you say diamonds just a button and money ain't nothin
Gettin stacks by the dozen (Yeah Boii)
Is it true you murderin tracks without cussin (Yeah Boii)
Everywhere da kid goin it start ruckus (Yeah Boii)
Ain't chu like somethin the Kid Jay or Puffy ridin Phantoms is nothin
Ain't that lifestyle lovely (Yeah Boii)
Ain't it true dat ya chain do exotic thangs (Yeah Boii)
Colorful diamonds and it flip four different ways (Yeah Boii)
Man, Jibbs you know u gettin paid and I plus I heard dat u said dat da...

[Chorus x2]
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