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Smile Lyrics
Aye yo, we bout to bring this one to ATL to the ATL baby....(Beasta Music)
aye jibbs watch dis.....watch dis shawty (what up Fabo!!)
Cuz she do it wit no hands do it wit no hands

[Chrous: Fabo]
Girl Smile, take a picture if u can
Girl Smile, take a picture if u can
Girl Smile, take a picture if u can
Girl Smile, take a picture if u can

Oh snap she done posed for me
That flash run off and she did it on the toe for me, put on a whole show for me
Like boom boom snap, boom boom snap, to my boom boom clap, boom boom ooohh
Fabo told her shake dat Laffy Taffy and she did exactly
What dey do in Georgia so I bought her across the border
Cuz she said she never saw that arch before
So I showed her how to pose wit dat 6.0
Yeah that's that new that new dance that'll make ya whole crew dance
The funny thing about it she don't even have to move and
Jump left jump right show that moment
When you boom boom snap in that Kodak moment

[Chrous x2: Fabo]

She kinda smile like a bowling ball
Go crazy when she see that flash lights camera action I hear Mystikal when she
shake it fast
I've seen things I ain't never seen wit her
I'm richy rich professor King Bing gave me her
I'm having violent thoughts in my mind I'm loosing control
She from heaven I'm from Bankhead ooh God's blessed me
First time I seen her she was dancin off a Nelly song
Smiled at me right then I was in the zone
Go up in my station I'll show you big dipper
Stop 2 dollar stop Fabo show her big dipper ooh
Girl smile take a picture if you can
Make it tootsie roll (what's haannin) do it wit no hands

[Chrous x2: Fabo]

Aye yo I was chillin wit my boy Fabo
And I saw this chick-a-licker I told her to come here come and up in this picture
I said smile for me mami and the flash went flicka
She snappin do a 60 minute snap dance
You can make it look like a tap dance I'm in this deal what's hannannin
Jump to the left jump to the jump to jump to
Jump to the right jump to the jump to jump to
Take a picture turn around bump ya shouldas up and down
Girl get up in dat stance you can do it wit no hands
Pose like a model cuz you so so cute
Make ya body move like u in a photo shoot

[Chorus x2: Fabo]
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