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Let's Be Real Lyrics
Lets be real... See... it could be just me and u... Polo Da Don... He really
wasn't made for you... you gotta understand (He don't love u like I do No!!!!) Jibbs!!

Deep inside you know the truth
He don't really love you
Baby, you've gotta face the truth
You know Imma keep it real wit u
Let's Be Real

[Verse 1:]
It was December in the Chi when I saw you walkin by
Wit the tears in your eyes so I walked up to your side
So I asked you how you feel gurl is everything alright
I want you to keep it real girl you ain't gotta lie
See that dude is a mark a predator and a shark
And I knew that from the start he wanted to break your heart
You ain't gotta think twice cuz I ain't dat type of guy
I'd rather see you happy I don't wanna see you cry
Let's be real come on now
Let's be real he got no love
Like I have for you really feeling bad for you
Out of all of this time he never had love I have for


[Verse 2:]
He disrespect ya, he don't protect ya
I know it hurts but you gotta keep ya head up
He doesn't love ya but I can treat you betta
That's why I think me and you should be together
He doesn't need ya, but I can please ya
He doesn't trust ya forever tryin to treat ya
He try to test ya look at ya texture
You should tell him tell him that he really got you messed up
Tell him to beat it me in ya life you need it
I'm willin to do whateva you really can't beat it
I'm your keeper your words I need to keep it
Fresher, I could be the reason why you breathin


[Verse 3:]
He disrespect ya he don't protect ya
When you in need, he don't hurry to get ya
Hurt and neglect ya certain to stress ya
I ain't ya daddy girl you could do whateva
Let's be forreal, come on now
Let's be forreal you know what's up
Let's be forreal come on now
Let's be forreal forever ma

[Bridge x2:]
It's best you let him go or you will never know
What we could be, why can't you see
I'm the one for you


See me Imma tell you the truth, he been tellin u lies
I don't think he really right for you, not tryin to hate on him,
but see me I see the bigger picture, we could be grateful together
Just give me a chane let him go, and Imma let you know, what's
really real...yeah!!...follow me
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