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Jibbs Lyrics

Hood Lyrics
[Chorus x2:]
Comin' up in da hood where the streets are cold
Either u gone stretch or either you gone fold
Either u gone ride or get rolled on
Which one is it will they pay u a visti

[Verse 1:]
What u gone do?
U gon ride you gone roll you gone stretch?
U gone fold you gone keep yo family po'?
Comin up in da hood watchin my homies take the pressure
That's why I chose to be a mic-checka
What u gone do?
You gone ball you gone fall?
Let em knock u into walls leave you dead in the hall
Or you gone keep hangin in the streets wit ya crew
Don't ask me cause I know what I'm a do
But what you gone do?
Buy the solos with dodo's and nogo's and fofo's
In choke holds after gettin chased by the po po's
You gone ride solo or is you gone group it
Or is u gone think before you start being stupid

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Now what chu gone do?
You gone rob you gone kill buy the drugs or u gone deal?
Or go out and chase a mill?
Or on the other hand get a deal like me
And go and write 48 bars to a beat
Tell me what you gone do?
Be another family failure disrespectin all ya elders
Po and livin in a shelter
Or you gone get killed put in jial or be a doctor
And own a big house on the roof a helicopter [what chu gon do?]
Stay in the same city, same hood, same block
Same homies changin clothes, and wearin each other socks
Or do you wanna go somewhere in life to try to live
And see about a hundred makin money makin trips

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
What u gone do?
Be a fed, be a star, do the dance, spend a bar
Be a face nigga - sharp
Or go and shop and stuff hit the mall pop tags
Start stuff give me red, white and blue like the flag
Jibbs what chu gone do?
Gettin' money, stay off the streets
They frontin man - it ain't funny, I ain't runnin
Hopin from place to place like a bunny kinda sunny
Phone on my waist vibratin cuz it's comin'
Stay in shape last in the game is music business Funny
For the sake that my hood cats hungry
Tryin to get a mil' deal bread and bologna
For the sake that my hood cats hungry
Tryin to get a mil' deal bread and bologna

Comin up in da Hood!
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