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Jibbs Lyrics

Go Gurl Lyrics
Beatsa Music! Okay. Young Jibbs. The Beasta's.

If the party start jumpin and the beat start knockin
And the cuties on the dance flo out there poppin
Go Gurl, Go Gurl, Go Gurl
Gone get ya money up

[Verse 1:]
They way ya boy flip makes you say the game over
Sales ice cold make music called cola
And I ain't even did commercials for coke-a-cola
Start biting on the shock watch what tough sold her
G, and they wonder why J.I. braggin
I done spit so much fire they should call me dragon
But not like Sisqo
Plus I got butter like crisqo so I copped the iced out crystal
And they say my mouth piece is lethal
So if you wanna battle then my words will eat you
Then spit you back out should've kenw I'll beast you
And I am my own writer I don't use dead people (Beatsa Music!)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
My flow's so contagious delivery so sick
You might get nemonia just from hearing me spit
So don't make threats talkin what ya ain't did
Cause wolf tickets do is make you a lil' bitch
I'm lookin for a mil' so I couldn't be a cactus
Cause being dropped ain't apart of my status
Livin off what I might not be the baddest
But I'd rather freeze ice then put it in my glasses
They askin, what type of cars gettin driven
Pull so many strings they think I play guitars for a living
Metaphors is the bars I am fittin
I ain't even in the sky, but ya boy meetin stars for a living

If you wanna look fresh and you tryna go shopping
If you ride by shorties start lookin stop stopping
Go Gurl, Go Gurl, Go Gurl,
Gone get ya money up

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