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Big Big Kid Lyrics
Yeah okay what's up yall
This is one of those dancin' songs

We ride Big Big cars on them Big Big rims
And we rock Big clothes with them Big Big timbs
Got big cribs cuz we got big crib
Imma real big kid cuz we do it real big

[Verse 1:]
Flow so hot
VVS diamonds in my big big watch you know I got it on lock
Keep a chick on my arm more than a watch
She started lookin at my fingers maybe cuz of the rocks
And now the G's on the block shock like the watch
It's like a car show when I open up my garage
Vipers Maserati's Lamborghini drop tops
Cuty Cuty hydraulics once we drop it like it's hot
It's all on tape matter fact you all are fake
So that four will make ya head alternate
Cuz while I'm stabbin and jabbin you get to rappin and actin
And try to make it a habit but tricks ain't for silly rabbits
Flawless style will make you shake
Girls cry me a river like Timberlake
That's like the music that's trapped in a stereo wrapped in
A Gift that you rap so you ain't hearin jack then

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Pull up in a whip
They wanna see the T.I.P. of my clip think I betta get a grip
My money like the Olympics I gotta make a flip
I never recall fallin but I got to take a trip
I'm livin on cribs while u dreamin in ya cribs
So all you big babies can keep on ya bibs
Stayin on tour while my album gettin shipped
Tryin to get four picks plain bus car ships
So give it a break and still call Jibbs the great
You need to chill wit ya grill sayin Jibbs a fake
Cause while you be grillin ya boy Jibbs be chillin
I'm tryin to make me some millions put chandeliers in da ceiling
Do it big I'm tryin to get more on my plate
While you goin half crazy I put half on a lake
So sixteen's I spit for sixteen you get
By sixteen I'm livin like sixteen was millions

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Doin big things rock big clothes
Wit them big big chains and we fly big planes
Copter so fly so we flyin through the rain
Young Jibbs switching lanes while you dudes being lame
So you know that is hot and can flow like this
Ride in the back of the range and rove like this
Stay iced out let it show like this
I bet you ain't chorus thatt'll go like this

[Chorus x2]
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