Jhene Aiko - Wanna Be Lyrics

Jhene Aiko Lyrics

Wanna Be Lyrics
[Verse 1]
I wanna be
Your everything
Not just a friend
Not someone who you call now and then
But someone who you be lovin till the end
All I need
Someone to be
My shoulder
The one I can tell anything
The one who I can share my dreams with

[B Section]
You look like my type a guy
I could see spending all my time
But I'm not even gonna lie
I wanna be more

I wanna be the one
You givin your heart to
I don't wanna be the one
You're Into and we're thru
I wanna be the one
Who keep it real wit chu
I don't wanna be the one
You just be talking to
I wanna be your all the time girl

[Verse 2]
15 years old
But I know how I feel
See I'm lookin for somethin real
If you wanna know here's the deal
I can be your girl
You can be my man
And just cause you little bit older
Don't mean I'm gonna let you be
Tellin me how it has to be

[B Section]


I wanna be
The first one you think of in the morning
The last one you think of at night
I wanna be
The one you call to say I love you
And you can't stand to say goodbye
I wanna be your all the time girl

[Hook Out]

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