J-Flex - Who Been There, Who done That? Lyrics

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Who Been There, Who done That? Lyrics
who been there, who done that
you got snapped, becuz you still rap
a million mc'z on this planet earth
better watch your back and peep the game
or you will get jerked [x2]

[verse I]
no question the real about d-r-e
that he's been there had me written ryhme for free
ain't trying to give a nigga no roy-yal-tee
make a mil off my shit and give me a few g'z
since way back when he was with eazy
stealing credits from snoop and the d.o.c.
can't forget barney rubbles and the d-a-z
ain't deshing on his own since 73'
can't deinied that the fact you lie
got niggas steady working while you steady jerking
on the side it's not your style see you know what's really fowl
these niggas wonder how you do it with a smile
it's the real not out of the spike
if it wasn't for suge knight you'll be working for tamica wright
do your math before the aftermath
or feel the warth
i'm kicking for real for the niggas who don't know the half


[verse II]
young black ebenezer scrooge betray us like caeser
pocket sqeezer gas my head like some good refer
cuz' a fool gets his dope all slit
i guess i played the fool and he got what he could get
but i'm a little wiser now
so i guess he got to find another pimp-pal
and jack they style and live off they flows
he wanted me to fire my manager (what)
she was asking about my pesos
doing shit like that, you'll never be the quincey jones of rap
it only gets you wipe off the map
you out to screw
you got my loot i'm gonna sue but if you were true
you wouldn't do what you do
but instead you take other niggas ryhmes and beats
and say you did them becuz you twisted and twick
j-flex with the real
comeing from eastside of the crew
letting the whole f*cking world know who


[verse III]
i should be a millionair with mad loot to spear
but when the chopper told me that the loot wasn't there
somebody wasn't playing fair
off my ends dre was bubbleing
ain't nuthin' goin' on but the f*ckin' publishing
never thought flex could read between the lies
and when i figure out your plot you act surprise
you diguise your grieves with a grin
and yet you got to pay me one day or hit the courtroom once again
pay me my ends or take the fall you dying and indicining but i come raw
give me the cash and take a foot up yo azz
and bounce on through
cuz i'm a let the world know who

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