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A Change To Come Lyrics
(feat. Tenkamenin, Bahamadia, Kool & the Gang, Con-Funk-S)

(Here we are in this day and age still loyal to the state of confusion. Why
is it only tragedy when harmony unites the people of this nation. We must
learn to break this cycle of hate and disrespect among our brothers and
sisters and we must stop asking the question: why? Start spreading the
message of one love)

[Verse 1: J.Flexx]

My heroes catchin 3 or 4 thru they corridor
They blast on em, hit the gas on em, last call
A bullet make a life shatter like a glass jaw
Look like the devil gettin just what he axe for when the gas draw
They wanna blame it on the gangs but it's a bigger picture
cos why we're steady dyin somebody gettin richer
Listen to what I'm spittin, who you think benefittin
while all these heads splittin they money-gettin
See the gangbangin ain't all about the red and blue
cos some many's corporations is gangstas too
They rub you out in a minute gettin greedier and greedier
Buyin out major labels and pimpin the media
Orchestratin beef between the west and east
Kill a superstar, blow up his next release
We got to put them straps down cos if you let them stay dead
Every death in black America is gang related


A change is gonna come to our lives (A change to come)
I'm not sayin it's wrong (A change to come)
We've reached a point and we have to decide (A change to come)
if we should go on (A change to come)

[Verse 2: Tenkamenin]

I'm fallin from the heavens screamin out "Lord please!
Let me go so I can check up on my younger seeds"
To show em right so they won't reach these penetentiaries
cos over the years that's what them folks want us to turn out to be, and
just release you
When I was young I wanted to be a thug
hang on the corner, smoke my weed and try to sell my drugs and show no love
In '97, all this had to change
So many murdered behind unnecessarily petty games, it's all a shame
Doin crimes as a past time
Tryin my best to stay alive is all that's on my mind
I hit my knees and drop my head between and ask the Lord
"Please let me make it thru this struggle" even though it's hard
Jealousy got us hatin it, wantin to kill each other though
What ever happened to the sayin that we are all bro's
Keep it up and best believe you, I will finally see it's gang related
So we best to let the killin cease, now rest in peace


[Verse 3: J.Flexx]

Tell me how many Haiti bottles I gotta empty
before I wise up and stop lettin the devil tempt me
Usin materialism to jealousy to pimp me
Live by the gun, die by the gun, to put it simply it's gettin shady
They got me mad like rabies, headed for Haiti's
Sellin they soul for a Mercedes and fly ladies
All this dirt being done ain't gang related
We got to take our former glory y'all, reinstate it

(People are in trouble in America. As a matter of fact, people are in
trouble throughout the Earth. We have returned into a force of death and
destruction on ourselves. We were never meant to be trapped in this
darkness, but there's always light in the midst of the darkness if you know
where to find it. Nothin is impossible. If you know who you were you
wouldn't wanna be anything but who you are. We have one change but one
cause and that's to frown one love)

[Chorus to fade]
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