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What A Day Lyrics
Woke up this morning had a spliff for breakfast
Slept good cuz the toast wasn't under the matress
Hop up in the shower, give my honie a kiss
I'm thinkin, I wish, everyday start like this
Turn on the news, starvin kids got nuff food to eat
And words of truth, put shoes on their feet
Usef Hawkings, still walkin the streets
Rodney King's a millionaire, but he ain't get his ass beat
Tiwanna Brodley gets justice,
the Panthers thick as ever causing ruckus
No such thing as those Klan motherf*ckers
Black sisters are treated like queens, not
chickenheads cluckers
Black men are respected and not treated like suckers
Mike Tyson still a champ, bullshit don't get no airplay
I feel good, what can I see

[Erykah Badu] "Day, what a day"[x4]
[Ice Cube] "I got to say it was good day"

Step out the door, sunshine hit my grill
Even Lee divide a mil, so niggas don't have to kill
It's all peace and love so people do what they wanna
Bumpin to Biggie and Pac, smokin a piece right on the corner
No crack babbies, or unwanted pregnacies
An apple a days the cure for any disease
And ain't no police and no felonies
Bill Clinton smoke crack not Marrion Barry
O.J. keeps his dough, Mumiet is let go
Divine Brown da movie star, Hugh Grant is the ho
Put the card in the ATM and it spit out mad dough
Gave it to an old lady, cuz I always get more
Just livin make me feel good, what can I say, but

[Erykah Badu] "Day, what a day" [x4]
[Ice Cube] "I got to say it was a good day"

90 degrees in the shade, but it don't feel that hot
Giuliani get shot, baby open my favorite spot
There's a party tonight, guess who DJing Scott LeRock
And he's only spinning that real hip hop
Don't be late bop, eleven on the dot, honies flot
It's more dips then dicks, and nobody get shot
Stay here a little minute, then go harvest my crop
By the moonlight, get lifted and call it a night
But first I bump in this princess named Shaniqua Albright
She was lookin mad right, and her body was mad tight
Total control of my will, she couldn't put up a fight
She said if you wan't me take, cuz I have an early flight
Wiffie's waitin up, so I let her go on her way
But when I got home, my shortie said...

[Erykah Badu] "What a day, what a day"
[Ice Cub] "Today was a good day"

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