Jeru The Damaja - War Lyrics

Jeru The Damaja Lyrics

War Lyrics
"We hold these truths to be self evident
that all men are created equal
and endowed by their creator
with certain inalienable rights
and when these rights are destroyed over long periods of time
it is your duutyy to destroy, demolish its venom"

[Verse 1: Jeru]
War, my skills is this spelled backwards
I perform for the white kids but do this for the black kids
To get this ill takes practice I'm takin' over
the industry with ghetto verbal and tactics
Hard times build muscle like lactic acid
Some entertainers losin' they minds
makin' porns pissin' on kids
The streets is ill save the theatrics
I still treat a bitch like a bitch
while y'all niggaz is doin' backflips
I can't trip I guess it's part of the game
like Ja-Rule bitin' my name
like MJ glowin' up in flames
like chickens suckin' dick for fame
As things change I remain the same
tryin' to keep sane
While many strugglin' to maintain
The stress of ghetto livin' can bust ya brain
It seems the road is paved with less joy than pain
I wanna regress but I refrain
If I don't I rage war
Right here in the streets of New York
Some talk the talk, but don't walk the walk
Like Muslems at the corner store sellin' pork
My little brother still outlined in chalk
They went from forties to the champagne court
Videos and true lies makin' all the birds squalk
Little girls butt naked so the president's stalk
My man say he was god holdin' the devil's pitchfork
That's why I'm throwin' rhymes like Geronimo's tomahawk

[Verse 2: Jeru]
War, many shout it but don't wanna see it
I stay low and lay boobytraps like the cong in Viet..nam
Loud talkin' and stares can't do me harm
Know some niggaz wanna stop it I'm still droppin' the bomb
Shit is death like Tennessaucee ring the alarm (ring the alarm)
It's still a mystery to you like the 82nd psalm
Some fight 'til the end some sell out like Uncle Tom
So much contempt others that's flow with they jelly like napalm
War, is more than hand to hand and firearms
It's only won when the mind is calm
So I study Sun-Tzu and stopped smokin' chron'
In my left hand riches, long life in my right palm

[Fragment of a movie]

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