Jeru The Damaja - The Bullshit Lyrics

Jeru The Damaja Lyrics

The Bullshit Lyrics
Ladies and gentlemen
Children of all ages
It's me, Jeru the Damaja
And I'm here to present to you today
The bullshit
Yes, this is the bullshit, the extreme bullshit
The absolute bullshit
This is the, bullshit of bullshit
This bullshit is so bullshit, I NEVER wanna hear this bullshit
on the radio
Or in my children's ears, cause it's bullshit
You know? So, as we talk about the bullshit
and what bullshit is
I'ma drop the bullshit on you right now
You know, the bullshit goes like this

Jump up in my Rolls Royce, top choice
Make em holler, everything I do is for a dollar
F*ck being civilized, I got dollar signs in my eyes
One day I'll fall, but for now I'll rise
Trust me, as the stink stuff, fries up
I'm cookin up I used to spend the nights in spots run up
buck buck but now I'm all growed up and blowed up
And believe me, baby paw, I got it all sewed up
And the loot is in big bags and all stored up
And the niggaz I used to run with is all locked up
But, I'll keep bubblin, got em on the corners
like court jesters jugglin, avoid the late night mugging
Because stick up kids be bugging
I paid my dues so I'm on some exotic island
Smilin, sun shinin all off my diamonds
Sippin on martinis bad hookers in bikinis
A airplane load of exotic work from Tahiti
Plus a squad of killer bitches that all carry uzis
I got a lot so if it gets too hot
Jump in the billion dollar jet, or the million dollar yacht
Got the Teflon vest, in case they knock me out the box
Oh no, I think I hear gunshots...

Huh huh ahh, huh, whew!
Damn, shit was just a dream, whew
Whoa damn
That's a scary motherf*cking dream, that was bullshit!
I'd never say no bullshit like that, whoa!
Glad I don't live none of that bullshit
That shit is absolutely bullshit, oh...

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