Jeru The Damaja - Renagade Slave Lyrics

Jeru The Damaja Lyrics

Renagade Slave Lyrics
Too escape the Devil's jaws & prepare for the final wars
So when we strike, it's multiple wounds like boss mind thoughts
To breakin these laws, I'm thinkin because I tap jaws
Burn down broncos and teach ya whores to fight for the cause
The beast roars, I don't drink, I'm takin heads like the moors
I keep it, jungle naughty, ya put a razor to yours
That's crazy fake like house niggas rockin bikini drawers
In a pituat force, puttin bombs at Devil's doors
Black Diamond, the numerous flaws, blood pours
Doin it, feel nigga style, for dreams that died on prison floors
Liberate, carnivores that dine on walls
And I be fighting even after I reach African shores

The Renegade Slave

Weaks lions, surrender their crowns, avoid the battle ground
I storm the plantation, take masa head and burn his house down
Home bound, pitch black, don't make a sound
Renegade Slave flippin, fire a rip thru your town
Satin heart pound, whose to smile, now we frown
How slaves run around like clowns holding whitey down
No more whippin and riggin, I'm shootin plansmen, hit the ground
So much blood on the seed, no's left, face down drown
Listen, close, cuz the meaning is profound
The beats is on my hills, I boogie like James Brown
Keep a low pro, communicate underground
Cuz no devil alive can scan my sound

The Renegade Slave

Smarter then Frederick Douglas, and wilder then Ike Turner
My will to be free, in your eyes makes me a murderer
Creepin late night like a burglar, Study his literature
When the kings rise again, bells of Bob knows the procedure
Uncle Tom, shot on the spot, we don't need ya
I know who I am, a warrior like Kunta
But not running away, runnin demons into the caves
Beware, beware, beware, the Renegade Slave
Hittin 'em from every angle, Devil's we strangle
And intangle in the web, when we rise again
The Renegade Slave's are comin

That's right, you know me
Don't act like you don't, you see me
You know where I'm at, you see when I'm comin
But you really don't know, you think you do
You never will, But I'm always here
And I will rise again, You can't hold me down
You can't do it, I won't allow it to happen
My will is too strong, I can't be broken
It's the Renegade Slave
It's the Renegade Slave
It's the Renegade Slave

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