Jeru The Damaja - Physical Stamina Lyrics

Jeru The Damaja Lyrics

Physical Stamina Lyrics
(feat. Afu-Ra)

[Afu:] Yo 'Ru
[Jeru:] Yo whassup?
[Afu:] Yo, c'mere, c'mere. Yo, let's freak that rhyme we was freakin'
the other night
[Jeru:] I'm sayin' I'm with it, just set it off
[Afu:] Yo, after this, there's no turning back
[Jeru:] I'm saying, just set it off!

Physical paralysis, open your chest like a chalice
MCs couldn't strike movements we wish to brandish
I'm tormentin', mind states lyrical warrior
I flow through, f*ck the mic I f*ckin' floor ya
Headlocks and armlocks, necks is gettin' broken
No jokin', format'll leave your whole borough smokin'
Fist of five rings, I fling MCs to the gutter
Samurai sharp, more deadly than box-cutters
Ultimate, as I emit your death blow
Perverted Monks, and Jeru with the combo

Peter Piper picked peppers
And Run rocked rhymes but now he rock hymns
I got G through mama
the physical extremities
The spirit can't be broken
But jaws are broken
And even backs are broken
Think you're on point, well let your points of pressure open
Foot and fist got your head hangin' open
The breath rebirth
I damage in the mental and physical universe
You quake the earth when you hit face-first
Brake before it gets worse
But those that thirst for abuse get loose
'Cause soon I'll be around that neck tight like a noose
God, show improvement

More strength than the Juggernaut, electric like Magneto
Know you couldn't test Mental, or now the sequel
I slip to the floor for the grapple
I crack your collarbone, while I bust your Adam's apple
Spleens get ripped out the backs of your raps
Broken-down fractions as you start to make actions
It's too elusive, how I'm quicker than Bruce's
Silver surfin', the universe is now its astrological
As I proceed in my vehicle
You can't stop it
Fiber-optic, so you watch it
Sophistry, with so much fury
You can't get with me
Fight scenes are left bloody
My thoughts make plates shift
Some may call this tectonics
But airwaves from miles I boil by my sonics
It's ironic, got MCs hooked on phonics
So physical styles I construct like bionics

Displaced joints like Shaolin should not
Furious roundhouses cause bones to splinter
Protect your feet, legs, midsection and neck
'Cause I'm here to let you know it's not just on MPEGs
We wrecks, and more than just figuratively
Let it be known that we bringin' it physically
And the effect is bodily harm
No chance to pull your firearm
For the body move swift and the mind stay calm
Ways shift like the moment before the storm
Watch my form
It's deadly
Come to close it could get bloody
And ugly
You think that you could stop me?
Perverted monks, so now we apply pressure
This Stamina's style is iller than its predecessor
Dial witch professor, mix up the elixir
Internal power, MCs we devour

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