Jerry Lee Lewis - Thirteen At The Table Lyrics

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Thirteen At The Table Lyrics
Thirteen at the table to honor of the man

He broke the bread and he poured the blood red wine

He blessed the food and told them this'll be his final supper

And he told them all to love their fellow men

The story starts where it was nearly ended it's the greatest story told to all mankind

We took the only one on earth that ever really matter

And when we were through he had been crucified

He was a carpenter who mended broken body brought here by our creators master plan

He walked this earth and he never ever tried to hurt another

But when we were through he had been crucified

Thirteen at the table...

Well they took him on a cross to a calvary Mary watched the stone by night and day

An angel came and told her on third day he had risen

But watch neighbors cause he's coming back this way

Waiting for the day of his returning he's right waiting for the dew to hit the ground

You'll never know just when it comes until it's all around you

Let's be prepared when he comes back around

Well there'll be thirteen at the table...

Well we'll ever learn to love our fellow men

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