Jerry Lee Lewis - One More Time Lyrics

Jerry Lee Lewis Lyrics

One More Time Lyrics
Mistakes I know I've made them and you don't know how much I hate them

But that's me darlin' and I don't guess ol' Jerry will ever change

And I don't mean to hurt you heaven knows I hate to hurt you

But here I am to ask forgiveness one more time

One more time I'll ask you to forgive me one more time I'll come crawling back to you

All I ask is a chance to show how much I love you so

Will you please take me back one more time

Oh one more time I'm gonna tell you that I'm sorry

But this time darlin' I'll go down on my bended knee

And I'll cry and beg forgiveness please won't give me your forgiveness

Will you please take me back one more time

Won't you please take me back just one more time

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