Jerry Lee Lewis - Mother The Queen Of My Heart Lyrics

Jerry Lee Lewis Lyrics

Mother The Queen Of My Heart Lyrics
I had a home out in Texas out where the Bluebonnet grew

I had the kindest mother how happy we were just we two

Till one day the angels called her it's the debt that we all have to pay

She'd call me close to her bedside these last few words she did say

Now son don't start drinking or gambling promise you'll always go straight

Ten years have passed since that parting that promise I've broke I must say

I started drinking for past time at last Lord I was just like them all

I bet my clothes and my money never dreaming that I'd ever fall

One night I've bet all my money nothing was left to be seen

All that I needed to break them was one card and that was a Queen

Cards were delt all round the table each man took a card from the draw

But I drew the one that would beat them I turned it here's what I saw

I saw mama's picture somehow she seemed to say

Son you have broken your promise I tossed those cards away

My winnings I gave to a newsboy cause I knew I was wrong from the start

And I'll never forget that promise to mother the Queen of my heart

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