Jermaine Dupri (JD) - All That's Got To Go Lyrics

Jermaine Dupri (JD) Lyrics

All That's Got To Go Lyrics
(feat. Da Brat, LaTocha Scott)

Wednesday 4:20p.m.
[1st Lady]
Don't you f*ckin' hang up on me!
Who the f*ck do you think you are?
You know who the f*ck your hangin up on?
Don't f*ckin' hang up on me!
I'm sick of these bitches man.
Wednesday 8:20p.m.
[2nd Lady]
Jermaine!!!!!, where are you?
Oh God, God, mo' bitches.
You know I'm getting real sick of all these slutty ass bitches.
I'm about sick of these dumb motherf*ckers on bullshit.
Well, you know bitches be playin' to many games you know
we don't play no games.
Man f*ck niggaz all you dumb motherf*ckers trip.

Now playas don't you hate when the girl try to make you wait
when you know deep down she wanna get down
but she keep talking, deaf, and playing around.
Now ladies (Huh?)
Don't you hate
when a nigga try try to f*ck on the first date
thinking that we mean yes when we say no
and they spend no dough,
nigga all that's got to go.

[1st Verse]
It's funny how niggaz get bitch then
and wanna f*ck 'til their stiff dick get limb
gotta pay for my shit, my rent, my six
love me like a love the dough with interest
I don't flush with no broke nigga, regardless
if its hard then it start spinnin'
keep me grinning
with phat shit
we can f*ck 'til the spring
pop on the mack
the fact is I'm a fly bitch
I show that
you motherf*ckers would love to hit it and brat know that
some of ya'll give head to quick in the bed to quick
first think of them chicks
bitch if he leave you could still breathe
through the week with a few G-Stacks easy
if its me you wanna get at I'm brit at
invest is a pussy ass


[2nd Verse]
Now it's funny how bitches get a nigga bent
trying to act so god damn innocent
wit all that shit ya'll put us through
and ya'll know you want it as bad as we do
I'm one of the few that can see through shit
I don't do shit 'til we do shit, rich bitch
so the trickin ain't nothing
and if I trick somebody f*ckin'
now I'm a playa I show that
and what I do don't stop, you know that
see a lot of ya'll trick and get caught
not me if I trick I give head on the spot
on the bed, in the drop, on the elevator all the way to the top
see it taste good don't it
so why the f*ck you frontin'
when you know you want it


[LaTocha Scott]
When I need the money I know who to hit
When I make the call you better jump to it
I'm tired of ya'll acting like ya'll don't trick
'Cause when I call you jump jump jump to it

[Chorus To End]

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