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Jehst Lyrics

Run Hard Lyrics
It's the million militant picture paintin, quick debatin'
I hit terrain my trainers grip the pavin'
The city's depraved decayed, quick to cave in
I kick the greatest game, pick up the pace
Shake the cage, rattle bars, we bare battle scars
Fresh blood out the abbatoir
Avant Garde rappers are ready for champagne and caviar
I stay camouflaged armed with a travel card (travel unchartered paths)
Pass the parcel, I'm partial to parsley, puff it like Bob Marley
Charged without charlie, chalk the score up
Babylon upon us better board the door up
Dancefloors are torn up we tourin' Europe
Warlords secure, f*ck Tora Bora caves I fornicate with hate
Make love to the break
Each verse a verbal earthquake make the world celebrate my birthday
Sick in the worst way, wastin' away waitin' for first aid
I break bread with the first ape
To walk upright and talk just like a drunk on a rough night ('nuff strife)
Queens sellin' themselves at cut price
Open like butterfly knives it's not nice I rock mic's
Duppy put rock in their pipes
Deprived puppies keep barkin', blockin' my light
Yap yappin' at my ankles
I work so many angles, so my jeans jangle like bangles
I manhandle ample stress, spark bless, then I blow out the candles
Get sweet dreams

[Chorus by Usmaan]
Hybrid fiends dominate your TV screens
Diablo's, near death fiasco's
Keep your worst thoughts on charge
When you see a mirage
From Gestapo at large
Fiends dominate your TV screens
Diablo's, near death fiasco's
Keep your worst thoughts on charge
Towards the mirage

J Star spit for catharsis, me and Dr Who buil'in' spliffs in the tardis
Leave your reputation tarnished
I talk carnage garnish tracks with ganja and garlic for vampire varmints
Fire for them halfwits, and hard heads who start shit
Any last requests? spark your last spliff
Before you get dragged into darkness
I walk through your palace in the raggedest garments
Baggy hangin' off of my arse shit
I spit arsenic, if you're askin' the wrong questions
In the studio for long sessions
Stressed out about the rent every pound spent lost or lent
Begged borrowed or stolen
Wrestlin' with stress like it's Hulk Hogan baby
That drank the whole cauldron of magic potion
Potent, I patent my own slogan
Alone smokin' a cone, stoned
Approachin' in a Trojan horse, with a hundred heads from up North
Negative and 'nuff coarse of course
Forcefully stormin' your fort
The rebel with a cause without pause for thought it's WAR

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