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Jehst Lyrics

Manimals Lyrics
[Verse 1: Usmaan]
Welcome to the jungle where the temperatures burnin'
I'm your tour guide for the track, Mowgli at your service
We swing trees in Tarzan fatigues
Bunjeeing off grapevines
Blowin' darts through rolled up yellow leaves
Voodoo speech switches saints to sinners
So we sit in and pick nits in the mist like gorillas
Beginners lose track on safari
Robbing a cheetahs food, fleeing off faster than Ferrari
Everglades to the artic shades
Chasing polar bears on ice cascades
Wielding a razor blade
So it escalates into the biggest possible beef
Between man and beast
Ape beat chest on the streets
Wasted flakes from snake steaks
Knives wipe smirks with Chelsea smiles across a crocodiles face
Swamp shrooms in blue lagoons
Landmines inside dunes
Blow up beast platoons like blue balloons

[Verse 2: The Sundragon]
Django Van the elephant man
I stomped Tarzan
Snake charmer slang, tame tigers with my bare hands
Impeccable warrior
Luminous with allies
Sense unnatural presence like Boers in Transkes
I fly as the crow flies
I take the shape of a crow
I ride sky and view it all during my transit
Toltec Sanskrit
Crystal skull ravenous
Siberian wolf snatchin' flames like Prometheus
Mountain man Sasquatch compose like Sibelius
Ape-man lyricist, scientist Cornelius
Run oceans like Vamorians
Strong bow like Nubians
While fake Rosicrucian's flake like Peruvian's
Sundragon, I serenade the earth by moonlight
Earth druid, spirit capturing a peace pipe
Sting like a thousand scorpions and bring devastation
I shall plague, blow like seven horns of revelation
Fall from the sky like locusts holdin' focus
While your whole crew's longer than a friggin Diplodocus
With more squawk than parakeet predator's creep
So my mode's Crocodile when I lay myself to sleep
Man'll catch apparitions and then think that it's the heat
Lone wolf hunger strikin' in a city of sheep
I backhand a fruit bat flashin it's fangs
Crush a big game hunter with one slap like a grizzly
Force of nature, natives talk in whispered tongues of me
Tales of the wilderness the winds speak in tribute
While devils talking jealousy and feed on the youth
I stalk like a shadow in the light of the truth

[Verse 3: Jehst]
Gazelle accelerate away from my puma shoe
It's like Noah's Ark embarking two by two (kwak kwak!)
Mathematics of the London zoo
Bun the zoot in the jungle, 21-gun salute
I move cougar koala, chew eucalyptus
Eyes bright red like acid-dipped litmus
Olympian fitness, witness the wildlife
Big cats 9 lives, lord of the fireflies
Fighting with bloody claws
Jaws even more bloody muddy paws
Walk regal on all fours, all forms
I forge marks of a tiger shark
Black and orange stripe pride of a lion heart
Starved til we're killers
Silverback gorillas
Attack, pillage, wolf packs ransack your village
Snatch your spinach, that's your finish
The lyricist jellyfish kissin a Guinness
I shatter the glass
Cold as a hyenas laugh hecklin'
Post teen mutant ninja terrapin
Insect specimen millipede steppin
With soldier ant military mini-me's reppin'
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