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Liquid Diction Lyrics
This simple liquid diction that I dote on
Is only a thimble full of fluid from the emotional ocean
That I float on
Romantic notions I wrote on dead trees
I retrieve the scrolls and breathe below the dead sea-surface
Liquid lung, liquid tongue,
The traps that the serpent sets are swiftly sprung
Yet my heroes are still unsung
So I'm singing,
While all your hum-drum gunslinging
Didn't ring true
In the beginning you
Didn't think it through
Living in the zoo
Too much power abused by the few-you
Can lose your crew to the system
In the blink of an eye
I might not succeed but it's instinctive to try
To see my goals achieved before I die and if
My flow runs dry I'll rehydrate to dilate
The tiny mindstate of the primate descendant
Trend or no trend-independent
Defending the remnants of the long
Forgotten culture: of art, dance, and song,
I start to advance, become the norm, the new form;
The children of the corn become riders of the storm
When provided platforms for expression
This construction of percussion is an outlet
For aggression and discussion of direction
As I'm swept aside
I try to rise above it
But ascension is denied
I'm divided, tongue-tied and silent
I tried peace and quiet but these tyrants make me violent
Liquid diction

Inspired by the kyah I try to invoke ghostly spirits
I close my eyes hoping I dream of dope lyrics
During slumber, born under the sun of the summer
Now I'm waiting for the world-war
With the magic number to come
Bringing nuclear thunder-the drum
Is at one with my heart, the two halves of my sum
The fire and the sun separable to none
Unintelligible thoughts brought forth by forked tongues
It's only ever uttered under breath
Or out of ear-shot so we can't hear what's said
But fear not
I tread the righteous path through chaos
My medium this mic I pass through the sceance
I'm the spirit
You sense my presence then you're touched by my essence
I clutch the pad and pen
The chosen weapons when
I step into the arena
Hexed by my demons, blessed by Athena
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