Jehst - Intro (Liquor Soaked Sentiments) Lyrics

Jehst Lyrics

Intro (Liquor Soaked Sentiments) Lyrics
I spit Liquor Soaked Sentiments
lost in a scotch mist, tell 'em "don't watch this"
liver turned toxic, still I burn 'what's it,'
attracted to opposites, me and mans tight like Asterix and Obelix
operatists, livin' in the shadow lands, and I make grammar like Jangrow-van
we break bread and make moves for the Queen's head
with a king cobra strength, dedicated to goin' the length
man in motion, flowing through pens, I write rhymes with the potent
hybrid, my biro's the brother I confide in
findin' time to redesign his blueprint
Its only true crew that I move with
so if the shoe fits wear it, we grin and bear it
as mad crowds begin to spaz-out we begin to tear it
step it up like a stair-lift, shift in to top-gear
ready for a long year, more short stories, told in a matter of minutes
it's just the way that I had to begin it, I bring spirits of the scripture
finish off an incomplete image 'til I build up the bigger picture
I ride widescreen DVD clean with extra scenes
no opponent will ever get the best of me
I'm like the moment of ecstasy, the 'ear-gasm'
phenomenon no man can fathom, the phantasm, with
hell-fire for the grand-dragon, draggin' 'tag-alongs'
longin' for a ride on my band-wagon
treatin' rap like its blackjack or backgammon, its not a game and you lack talent
you're like a cat candid crack addict with a smack habit
hypnotised by my black magic
Mesmerized as it all adds up in a mathematical manner
build bars out of bad grammar
The sandman, I move minds in the moonlight; moonshine
sippin' shaped dreams out of moonbeam, project new nightmares against blue screens
The illusion of everyday routine moves me to meditate
I paint 'dream-scapes'
I spend late nights, ridin' to beat tapes these days;
doin' this for DJs and unemployed B-Boys, who enjoy permanent tea breaks
Teens doin' their GCSE re-takes, in an attempt to improve on their current situations
Degree students doin' their dissertations, brays and braids I owe dedications
Friends raisin' their babies, I raise up my Bailey's to toast you
I know the various emotions and moments of madness you
do through believe me
I bleed on the vinyl and CD..

My Dad.. (ha ha.. yeah).. 'RZA-razor', 'RZA-razor' sharp..
My Mum.. (love you Mum)..
(yo) Yo, my sisters.. (Livy.. Lucy.. shout-outs to Abby)..
My brothers from other mothers.. (Maggy!.. Fara!.. Ash!.. DJ Ideal!)
My YNR Fam.. (Cee-Why.. ).. The Low-Life Fam (Asaviour.. )..
CON Fam, Cloud-steppers.. (Evil Ed.. Braintax.. Mr. Parker.. )
You know who you are.. (Jango, Apollo.. )
It's dedicated to you.. (gorgeous george.. ).. without
further ado.. (extended playas.. ).. welcome to the
LP.. (.. Terra Firma!).. Fallin' Down.. 'bout to take you back
to the High-plains once more (all my Huddersfield
people.. One Love) Jehst!
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