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Jehst Lyrics

Independent Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
In the wargame of my life-span, I strive for ammunition
The lights stand bright and I can't quite envision
My course tube is source through transition
Livin' within division. My right hand man missing in action
Re-written captions for snapshots that capture the woods
And poor housing block backdrops
Indecision head cracked without crack rocks
Junkie taps money, broken back from the monkey-dead
Funny bled, innocence
The hungry fed ignorance, misled by power and influence
I face (I face) an immigrant's condition
Poems written, received the way my gravestone inscription'll read
Believe, in love. I stay home inprisoned, wishing it'll be different for my seed
Because my halfheart bleeds the blood of my bad dreams
I shed the tears of illusion to see the grand scheme-clear
It may not've bled much
Fear and pain came in a headrush
I developed empathy and nexus sicks
Ambly switched to plan B, ambidextrous
The hour hand stole the candy, and my Lexus
Is lust of reality sour?
My lexis makes sense of the fallacies; money and power
That's how I re-evaluate situations, and information
I walk with with the vagrants, and stay patient
I'm hated, my innovation, rhyme invention
Eyes and minds extend as crime prevention
You can't beat the man, but you can stall him
Too clever, I stay a devil 'cause all the angels have fallen
To earth knees buckling to cripple
My destiny callin' since an infant, sucklin' a nipple
To nourish, post-daisy age, my pages flourish
Pre-apocalypse; my script's stripping you of courage

[Hook/Scratches: Jeru the Damaja]
"Hatred, Jealousy, and Envy... "
" (They attack) they attack me"

[Verse 2:]
The pain of introspection...
At the intersection of a crossroads:... the archer
Selectin' the direction for the arrow of my crossbow's departure
I cross fingers and cross toes, to double cross a doube dealer's karma
Battle: start... to marker... Hide marga, words grab attention
Trouble costs an arm and a leg, lend an ear
Not to mention I'm defendin' my head against mind bendin' forces
Preventin' progression, my cause is
Congested with tumble weed and stumblin' blocks, sods
And always as opportunity knocks, the doors lock
Wonderin' what's next, never took kindly to threats
Best step behind me or step blindly on sets
And find your bones and your neck seperated
Once bitten, never smitten, elevated by rhythm
I updated what I've written, prior to this
Listen. Beat's christen, deep lyrics born of my inner vision
Peep the vision, my motion graceful
My ways are worldly, so the page pulls you in
With the gravitational force of my thoughts, I win
Wars with words, my pen
Mightier than the sword, my sins
Tore my limbs with pain
I'm fightin a losin' battle tryin' to grapple the shackles of my brain
Confusion, I must organise to maintain
Realising my delusion is sharin the same aims as my flame
Blown out by the wind of change
Grown so I ain't into games
Stay home and play NB, my inner self empty
Considering giving up hope, don't tempt me
Dope - I got got plenty
But the big wigs got a whiff
Now we can't get a hit, 'cause they're hogging the spliff
Tryin' to ruin it, canoein' it, doggin' my gift
Am I losin it? Pursuin' life - dodgin the bitch
Thinking about robbin'? I switch to legit
Remember to gettin rich quick
Whatever effort you're in the district with wires
This misfit's disc fits his drive
Tryin' to find my independence, stare the life
No gold pendant's jibe talkin' or struttin my stride
I'm just walkin with pride, all frontin' aside
It's like something inside provides a catalyst for vision
Activists actin' with accurate precision
Over rhythm-sections, re-lived in resurrection
Through tape deck, rewind directions
Selection; take cheque, take life as a lesson-in living
Will I be the unforgiven or the unforgiving?
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