Jehst - ESP (Extra Sensory Perfection) Lyrics

Jehst Lyrics

ESP (Extra Sensory Perfection) Lyrics
A brick-house built with porcelain features
A fragile creature grief stricken apparent in alopecia
The peacekeeper, the key to life beyond us
I love her beyond lust
My trust placed in her
Illustrious face with a great figure
Forbidden fruit of youth in the fingers of the grave digger
Manipulated my late-night sanctum
The lone catalyst of my tantrum
Her tender touch turns to talons
In her tempers clutch I bleed burgundy gallons
Her crimson lips lick my wounds
Her tongue tastes the claret
My pain is vintage, her comfort is twenty-four carat
In a golden moment of havoc my heart beats haphazard
My brain bleeds black ballads that embarrass the author
My favourite torture
I drown in the depths of my mermaid's water
At war with the storms daughter
The tornadoes sister, she's twisting my aura
I'm caught in her barbed wire
Burning up in her hearts fire
Bathed in the flames of my fury
She wears me out like jewellery
The duel-edged tool of her tomfoolery cuts my character
A quick-witted challenger to any bachelor
Bad attitude chick, intellectual calendar bitch
Baby-faced battleaxe make a man switch
My lip-licking sex sandwich the grand dish
My delicious delicacy, my delicate enemy
Our friendship connects with a sexual chemistry
My opposite energy the cause of my pain and the remedy
I need her readily available
Making dreams seem attainable
The untameable force my frames tailored to suit
But my programming can't compute
High resolution beauty, I'm blind and mute
Reciting the music of my youth
I observe the movement of the universe
Rehearsed in her steps this evening
And she's the best-kept secret breathing
The broad blade that left me bleeding
Believing in everything and nothing
She's the source of my suffering
And the cause of endorphin release and adrenaline rushing
Salt water gushing, depression embody my expression
The vessel for my love and affection
My hate and aggression releasing my sweat and supression
The seven sins, my second skin
She knocks and I let her in
The spoonful of sugar in my medicine
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