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Jehst Lyrics

City Of Industry Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Air poured, my thoughts shrouded by cloud forms
The line ravaged in the wake of this ground war
The quintessential outlaw
Eye of the storm, my tears fall as a torrential downpour
The flood, your death wish written in blood
I came in from the cold, clothes dripping with mud
Gripping a club, primitive, a stick is a dud
Swinging a punch, the bad seed pick of the bunch
I drink black rain, take another swig and I'm drunk
Taste venom on the tip of my tongue, my lips cold
Spitting out toxins I couldn't dissolve or withhold
I never sold my soul for fool's gold
So I'm still free, but too numb to feel pity
Some broke down, now the still city's a ghost town
Snowflakes cover the ground in white carpets
Seasons of espionage as time passes
The lion hearted, survival of the hardest artist
My open arms embrace darkness
Still craving carnage and infamy
But even parasites starve in this carcass of industry


[Verse 2:]
You can see me as cynical, trapped in my own gothic vision
Encapsulating chaos in this composition
Calculated like the lies of a politician
Gripping the slingshot, I size up the opposition
I drop a match in the clouds and watch the flames rise
Fire water falling from these grey skies
To paint your train lines, chrome over red brick
Reflective, like a gemstone in a cesspit
Jehst gives belief to a skeptic
The truth neglected like open wounds that turn septic
Infected by the forked tongue of a liar
Now my thoughts are the colour of fire
And my night's spent running the ?
Unspired by the freak show
I see ghosts dance in the trail of my weed smoke
My words are folklore, that survived the Cold War
New World Order and so forth
I go north, ankle-deep in snowfall
Leaping over dry stone walls with a ?
Steam clouds rise from my fiery breath
It's the last twilight before the silence of death

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