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Jehst Lyrics

Carpe Diem Lyrics
Calculate the maths, navigate the maps
Travel through the mind's eye, meditate, relax
Find time and create the space to make tracks
Celebrate the fact, that we escape the traps, laid to catch
The subconscious mind, deceive mankind..
And leave the third eye blind
But my, insight cannot be impaired
I'm visually aware, although initially unprepared
For the actuality, stifled by the practicalities of creativity
I seek freedom..
I visualise the scene; I can see the grand scheme
through these eyes of dreams
My stream of consciousness is liquid tranquillity
a turquoise pool of limitless calligraphy
my brain engaged in sub-aquatic activity
the endangered species released from captivity
to reclaim the rainforest..
and roam the outback, in the clouds we compose the soundtrack
and focus on beats and day-dream about that
the fat-cats scheme but we avoid the mousetrap
it's abstract, as a android's aspirations
seen through computer generated animations
a rainbow of pixels, in-vis-i-ble to the fickle
your will too weak, your bones brittle
my flow's the lone trickle of liquid, on the sickle of the druid
the essence of this.. the life fluid
life.. I pursue it with a passion
lights, camera, action
another cinematic adaption..

When I rise.. and open my eyes.. it's like the universe beginning
I wake at daybreak, the sky's blue the birds are singin'
and even though the earth's spinning
everything in view, is motionless for a minute as the true..
colours of mother nature are captured in a freeze-frame
it seems strange I sit back and watch the scene change
I see green planes, and picture my self there
the city restricts me, I consider my welfare
Staring at a grey wall, and even when things get heated I stay cool
the astro-vapours break my fall, I take it all my stride
use my time wisely and move with the tide
Utilise the wisdom of my guide;
unify light and dark to balance out either side
we provide stability; a tension and care
my sidekick, the drum that comes before the snare
the psychic, how the premonition of creation
I blocked out the noise and watched cloud formations from the path
played on the grass as the darkness descends
I discard jarred ends and head for shelter
'cos everyday I'm dealt a new hand
and my crew plan to expand, and see our names on your
news stand in two grand
you can't distract me -
I see red when I'm angry, and red when I'm happy
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