Jehst - Brimstone Rock Lyrics

Jehst Lyrics

Brimstone Rock Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
How do expect me to sleep at night
Knowin my people ain't eatin right
Gimme a mic, I'll strike with heat like a meteorite
F*ck the media hype
Scribes sniping at me and mine
Megatron clockin Autobots with the eagle eye
They got you covered, eye colour to your sneaker size
Revolutionaries demonised, Mother Earth colonised
Stolen culture commodified
Modified genes, each regime modernised
Maximum terror, fear and efficiency
Military missionaries
New age crusades
Faith for your misery
Minds in the grind
No time to meditate on the mysteries of life
Can't motivate, drive trapped in the traffic jam
Bare-knuckle boxing, brand new caravan
I m cat-a-walling like Margarita Prakatan
Til Sona Fam go platinum in Pakistan
And stack collateral
Watch the country bumpkin smash the capital
Smack the sabbatical, batter the biblical
Smooth I move as a criminal do
Beatin' me'll take a miracle dude
I'm screwface in the mili-ist mood
Make you eat your greens
You ain't leavin til you finish your food
My outlook is like a villainous view of the near future
Beer goggles bottle of brew and the punky brewster, puffin'
Taking your title, no discussion
Two shades darker Mr Parker on percussion

[Verse 2:]
I m goin global so folk are all approachin' me locally
Hoping that I grab the mic, I'm like "Hokily dokily"
Straight Ned Flanders
Blaze trees and leave dead branches
I see red, think left - my mindset's Marxist
Overstand and we'll get past this
More talk and less carnage
Calm and peace
The future's bright, the future's the mark of the beast
And the devil with a smile is easily the hardest to beat yo
I'm here caving my niche so
I stand out from the damn crowd at the freak show
Find wifey and breeze
The system want me on my knees at ninety degrees
Picture that? Hell no!
I m jet propelled by elbow grease and these squeaky Shell toes
Signing on until the twelve blows
And if it don t then it s back to the telephone sellin dope
Welcome to the terrordome
This is where we live
Street kids lookin' for a god to make peace with
Modern day beatniks
Beat digger jazz cats
Bag wax, barren lands
Bad man, mad max
Beyond the Thunderdome
Dope with the microphone
Dynamo charged up, spark up the hydropo
Blow out the ital smoke
Choke on a solar flare
Blue foot soldier stare colder than a polar bear
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