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Jehst Lyrics

Ape Shit Lyrics
(Let's see if we can come up with some ideas here)

It's just microwave culture
Alcoholic nausea
When I bust a nut, feel a rush of euphoria
It's like rushing the doors of the astoria
Run up on the stage with the philharmonic orchestra
The earth orbiter
My voice crystal guzzling the advanced formula covornia
'Nuff said
Make you rush the club like sperm out the nut and the dancefloor's the egg
We give birth to the best
Genetic finesse
Burn fat from kinetic effects
I'm on a
Competitive flex the fledged in the genesis
You take your baby steps into the precipice
So let me pen it for your pleasure this is photographic rapping I'm developing negatives
Ahead of your relative distance from success
My secret is under the flesh
Fresh faced like michael j
In his hey-day
Checking his mail on his motherf*ckin' payday
That means you gotta pay j
I hear the ching ching from the minute that they press play

Let me decorate the wall with your grey matter
Mad man I bang the drum with the sledgehammer
A billy brimstone headbanger
Livin on the edge hedgin' my bets pennin' the next chapter
Another dead rapper
Another head not neck snapper
Dress that part
Rock down the soil like mick jagger
Juggernaut whiplasher
Catch a deep gash when I spit...?
The slick chatter with the pat of pack of pad of wraps that'll bat already body wanna battle nobody's nanga
I'll chuck a nunchuck at ya
Punch bag I blag who's a dumb f*ck actor

I've got intentions to terrorise
The extinction level of it televised
Live from the front lines
Drop like atom bomb
As I skin teeth pose for the catalogue, action
After the lights camera capture
Canvas, I liberate, bathe in the rapture
Pray like velociraptor
View these humans as mickey mouse characters
Trapped in the land of illusions
And I'm losin' my patience
The pain of my heart beat boomin' the bass bins
Movin' in military formation
The minister of misinformation
Arrangin' the cheap kicks
Weed mixed with the free drinks
Chain gang man I break away from these weak links
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