Jehst - 1979 Lyrics

Jehst Lyrics

1979 Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I bleed liquid gold and slur speech in a cryptic code
My feet slipping on this twisted road
Only the mystic knows the lone figure in the distance
No bigger than the sum of his inscriptions
Or the extent of his conviction
I sip vitamin enriched liquid diction
And digest fiction for culture
I'm force fed, behold the monster
My heavy neck connected by a bolt
Tryna hold things together like the skins I fold
And take my food for thought with a pinch of salt
Chewed to form, my sin results in self doubt
Look into my eyes, I don't need to spell it out
You can see it, how I tripped and fell down
And picked myself up, turned myself round
From the cliff's edge, and staggered home like a misled
Piss head, and put up a fight till my fists bled
I choke on lead, until my spit's red
When I step outside to get a quick breath
Of fresh death, now there's no air left
And fifty percent of us couldn't care less
I bare flesh, exposed to the cancerous
Light like tearing the film out your cameras
I'm still ravenous, I feel my stomach acid
Keep burning as I work towards another classic
Melt your plastic chap, snatch your comfort blanket
In this cold world you're naked and unattractive
And your tactics are underhanded
I hibernate through the winter, and wait for the summer madness


[Verse 2:]
Call me the dirty?, feet is on the couch
Stout on my breath and a bad case of desert mouth
Forever drown in my pain in the pleasant sound
Of whispered words and rainfall on level ground
Gagged and bound with no hope of getting out
Save the secrets and lies, I'm tryna settle down
But like the weather now, I'm unpredictable
My hate's bitter but my love's unconditional
Living in this digital age, these are strange days
My rage taints, but freed on the same page
I make waves, till I wash away the refuge
God of the sea, these are the eight wings of Neptune
I make moves to refuge, but don't sleep
And walk the streets, with a rose in my teeth
And a bittersweet song in my heart, I take heavy steps
The hard-headed Jehst climbs his own Everest
So till the very end, I won't ever rest
I'll serenade my angel with every breath
God sends, your remembrance of lost friends
Whenever my top ten drops, I'll know what went on then
Provokes me to focus ahead
Close my eyes and get close to the dead
I'm the ghost that's meant to be released from limbo
Between two worlds like the thief at the window

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