Jedi Mind Tricks - The Age of Sacred Terror Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

The Age of Sacred Terror Lyrics
[Vinnie Paz: spoken]
Yeah baby yeah
Jedi Mind Tricks
Legacy of Blood
Nothing but dirt out here
F*cking Philly baby
It ain't a game baby
It's f*cking war out here

[Vinnie Paz]
I'll make you bleed with knives
I was born with all-seeing eyes
I could snatch a rapper heart
Before it even dies
The caveman still believe in lies
You don't want no blood or no beef
Like you was vegan rhymes
You like to sleep with guys
You a gay maggot
Listening to f*cking B2K, faggot
Go to raves faggot, put a hole in your heart
Destroy everything you that you know and you thought
Destroy everything in Babylon
You f*cking fake rap I hate rap because you babble on
You f*cking fags are gone
I'm a hate monger
That's the reason that you talking to the to the Jake longer
Put the snakes on ya, now you die there
And who gave you the f*cking impression that I care
I could thrive here, but I choose to die
On a f*cking steady diet of booze and lie

It's the age of the sacred terror
A communist revolutionary Che Guevara
Take your chedder, take everything that you care for
Murder everybody, that's what they was there for
And therefore you getting wet from the heat
Take the food from your plate-ain't letting you eat
Ain't letting you do nothing I don't want you to
You a crumb and that's why I like to f*ck with you
I don't care about anybody except me
Until my main man Mafia is set free
You waiting for the revolution to start
But you ain't on the front lines taking two in the heart
Ellusively smart, that's why I hide from the feds
Jason Voorhees style, five severed heads
Five corpses, five state troopers dead
Licking shots in they face til the room is red

F*ckin crumbs, worms, noodles, yeah

If you serve God for money you serve the devil
Claim to be in the war, never heard the metal, yeah
Never even been in combat
Never even felt the supreme love from a warm gat
I'm on another plane
You could stand in front of your fam
But I'm shootin right through your mother's frame
I got knuckle game, but I don't use that
F*ck a fair one, where the two-twos at
Where the nitrous oxide and balloons at
Where my motherf*cking Uncle Howie goons at
This for everybody holdin hammers
If you come into our shows then you go bananas
And holding banners
In support of Mumia Jamal
Run up on you f*cking pigs with the heaters and all
I'm decieving Allah, that's what I'm here for
The reason why I'm drinkin' all the f*cking beer for

Yeah, yeah baby
Jedi Mind Tricks
Legacy of Blood

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