Jedi Mind Tricks - Speech Cobras Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Speech Cobras Lyrics
[Mr. Lif]
I'm the fire bearer
Holder of the sun
The Earth and the universe combined as one
An everlasting energy taking all forms
Blue skies on sunny days tell the storms
The one who tears down what you adorn
And curses the material things that you mourn
But look up in the sky 'cause I am the dawn
And the light that empowers your flesh as it yawns
Strong, undeniably so
Lif better known as a society fault
The deity glow reach into my center
I bet you feel pleasure and pain as you enter
The tormenter, pleaser, embracer, squeezer
As your skeleton crush
Your physical turns into gelatin plus
Due to over stimuli
You liquify
I send you back to the earth soil to quench the turmoil
When the ground splits
To swallow of corporations and cops
Give birth to rocks
So we can have solid ground on which to walk
Stand strong and talk
And write down theories in chalk on the side walk


"The devil lurks and my heart irks for the hell
Look into the eyes of a nigga who fell"

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