Jedi Mind Tricks - Onetwothree (1995) Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Onetwothree (1995) Lyrics
[Chorus x2: sample]
"One two three
Let me you, if you ready for me, lord"

[Verse 1]
It's the infinite connect
Respect what you see as if you praise Donald Chief
And understand my plan is to prosper till deceased
And let my bank account increase until it over flows
In pathfinder jeeps, organized and blunt patrol
And never indulge in petty shit that's irrelevant
Thousand dollar shopping sprees just for the hell of it
Drinkin' daquiri's in the back of caravans
And finally got the chance to live my lifestyle advanced
And keep my mind clear of poisonous stunts and beams
Be deep meditations, now I see where pagans dream
And do time, around and get mine
So I relax while you stress, try to follow the rest
Never the less, I finesse, teach moves like it's my last speech
My thoughts on the future, cause it don't equal the past
Niggaz steady plotin', your every move we be watching
There's no room for error, once you slip, your forgotten
A never hasbeen, in a world of frame and fronters
Who had to learn the hard way, how disease can take you under


[Verse 2]
Mall master be coming at you, that nigga that curse alot
Shit, I even reverse a rock, I be feedin' ya purse with glocks
Rushin' against your garment, daily Hailey Comet, a bomber
Punk, you wanna f*ck wit funk, have you breathing out ya armpit
My guns that weighs the joint, don't even hand a malla' nina
Have niggaz tits and too-toos, and on point like ballerinas
You can bring ya best to west, found dressed in some rugged shit
You blind, ridin' on my dick, don't know who you f*ckin' with
(From Crooklyn to west side Phil, we keep it real)
So if you squeal on the reasons, for these heavens squeezin', the steel
Slow subliminal criminals strangle triggers that's identical
Mangle bitches that's fly, die with my dick inside ya genitals
(Sendin' you through shit you never thought of
The don who bust the sawed off
So recogize, I squeeze and then ya life lost)


[Verse 3]
My raw essence is forever present
But my team be chasing dreams of cream and digits in the seven
The heavens, see my body is soul and ever presence
My verbal tecture will bless you with scientific lessons
On another plane, it's hard to maintain
Cuz my membrane, causes strain within my inner frame
The pain, from my people that be involuntary
You in this game for this love, dunn, or monetary
Forever keepin' the spirit, so like Elijah
My verbal fire, will resurrect you like the great Messiah
Desire, is like the law of the siren song
Arm Leg Leg Arm, my word is bond, so I move on
And stay strong like Egyptian Kings
Rockin' diamond rings and things that it bring
I spread the science, to all the planets, I'm hard as granite
You need the knowledge of God, dunn, to understand it


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