Jedi Mind Tricks - Neva Antiquated : Dark Jedi Remix Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Neva Antiquated : Dark Jedi Remix Lyrics
[Ikon / Sun Pharaoh]
Complexities bring entities when hardcore be the factor
Physically shattered by the cause of the macrocosm distracter
Fractured by my supernatural forces, face loses
As I break backs like Superman on horses
Word ajar, ancient warrior like Thor
Spiritual like the Ibis God Thor
Complex construction by the technician
Will dismantle your collective mind, Enemy of Mankind
With Egyptian, archeological finds
Dwelling in the dungeon of time
Monomaniacal beat seeker
Swarming like locust into your speaker
Examining communications systems with cybernetics
Key notes of my flows will get froze or cryogenics
East Coast domination for the D-U-B masses
Gathering at black masses to gain knowledge of the clashes
Of past rhythmic masters, would end up bending, never-ending like the sky
One-point twenty-one gigabytes to defeat me like Marty McFly
So why, would you battle with the recipe
Got rappers sweating harder than some retards on Jeopardy
One time for your mind, no doubt

My Jedi Mind Tricks will break your molecular structure down.
(Return of the Jedi)
My Jedi Mind Tricks will break your molecular structure to pieces.
(Return of the Jedi)

My brainstorm will swarm into your sections
Scientific lessons and my possession unload within my session
Injections infesting insight am I causing tension
Blessing mad crews is my obsession
Intentions to make you change professions
Wisdom imprison dejects leaving you vexed
My cerebral vortex rips erects when I infest (bless)
We deep scriptures that's evil
There's ? my cerebral, then ? remain imperial
Unbelievable lyricism will leave incisions
Cause pain like circumcision as you recognize (the realism)
The G-O-D verbally damage M.C.'s
Tragically come and battle me, bare witness to insanity
My corrupted mentality, plan to slaughter your family grammatically
I bless the microphone with strategy
Your alliance is left in silence, victim of verbal violence
Deadly vocabulary, the God be dropping science
No doubt


Amongst the illest individual's, I bless the mentals of criminals
With materials formulated to penetrate cerebrals
I'm lethal, imperial type scriptures infiltrate, then split you
Simulating your nugget when I hit you
Emerging from the mist is not individual but four
Hardcore concepts causing everything to be raw
8804 AD causes misery that be abominable
Evil like three times hexagonal
Test my squadron and watch your macrocosm turn to particles
Non-particles are non-particles
Like the nucleus of an atom
The corpuscles which carry the oxygen from the lungs gather patterns
Energy form the soul
[Fade:] Black soul like spirits of Kukido


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