Jedi Mind Tricks - Me Ne Shalto Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Me Ne Shalto Lyrics
Jedi mind baby

[Vinnie Paz]
Junkyard Dog, real dirty and mean
Take your face off cousin, I'm a surgery fiend
The type of cat that would rather just be heard then be seen
Hold a gat, at the end of it its a burgundy beam
We serving the fiends, with a dose of the uncut
And when there's beef with the heat they don't want what
You just waiting for the bomb to reign
put your body in the whole like Saddam Hussein
So guard your frame when the .45 shells drop
Cause it's dark and it's hot like in hell hot
Vinnie Paz on some other shit
I like my gat chrome, back bone and a rubber grip
Licking' shots at the government
With a knife out at the white house right in front of it
That's who you f*cking with, I'm a sick monster
Slam dance in the motherf*cking pit monster

[Vinnie Paz]
This is for my man Yan

Listen I 'aint gonna play no more
Beat a faggit till he 'aint f*cking gay no more
We 'gon stay making hits this is infinite
This is Vinnie Paz world, you just live in it
You just living in my world of doom
Until Jedi Mind decide to build your tomb
I build with goons, build with brother that's hustling leak
And there 'aint nobody that's raw'r then us on the beat
Ain't nobody Raw'r then Paz-man
Cause I can drop a motherf*cking bomb on you like the Gatban
We coming strapped man, its a war cousin
Hit you with the Ric Flair figure four cousin
Barry Windham right hand to your jaw cousin
Road Warriors, Animal and Hawk cousin
Take a walk cousin, 'cause I'm done wit' you
Or you'll be looking down the barrel of a gun or two

[Vinnie Paz]
I'm coming for your head
Like something from the dawn of the dead
Vito Corleone style, horse on a bed
Thoughts on a bed from a hallow tip
Chop off your f*cking tongue make you swallow it
You the type that got and what's to do diallo hit
The type to make you faggot and be proud of it
Turn it down a bit I can't think daddy
I think I need another motherf*cking drink daddy
I think I'll hit the f*cking bar with King Size
Whose these motherf*ckers dressing in pink guys
You a retard, claims to be street smart
But you the first one to run when the beef start
You f*cking sweetheart, you're in the wrong game
Beat your head 'till your dead with a long chain
Jedi Mind Tricks gonna have a long reign
And the opposite of pleasure is all pain

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