Jedi Mind Tricks - Last Straw (Onesoul Remix) (1994) Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Last Straw (Onesoul Remix) (1994) Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Word is bond, rock on, my diatribe will swarm and persevere
Emcee's will disappear, they will fear what is here
And that is sadistic, with linguistic rhyme penetrating
Upsided the mind like the burn, of jack of lantern
Attack this, when I smack kids with my tactics
Kill it over patriots, if you assemble the wackness
Sprayin' off the majestic rays, that knowns the writing
A slide gets ride, and crucified, like punch of Titan
Narcotic, on point, mentality, battle me
Knocking herbs up out the galaxy, fantasies
I break neck with my kendo's, can't do fool
Understand, how my chant goes, swift dialetic
Cybernatics, my aparatus
If throw more morphic styles, I break, tragic records
Eratic, catchable t's, I breeze through
This degree of emcee's, as they seize to
Amaze, how these dudes get with that wack rap
Fourty ounce fat caps, and raps in my napsack
Flaudelant emcee's get burned by the lighter
You don't know the half, cause soul crash my cipher

[Verse 2:]
Superstar I jaw the first, we rush last and touch pie
The proof is my man suscribe, to that old school vibe
Yo, make shift that the man, is quick to jive
I grab I to that branch with force and pride
Steady straws are the prime fact', to fly back as I somersault
Far sing forever, as superstruct for that mass
Pa' ark with forty bullet -
Throwin' my fake feed light like blastin' bullets
Through the flame, pushin' fog out the mass way
Catch a five thick, vinyl ain't the number in my ash tray
The charts slumber, if expect
I take all that masking kids, and watch them in our record
Though I fly were you fish, like bass, trout, the fresh water
Now it's floatin' like prada in a metro
Every large animal stole ours, but fresh crews?
I'm comin' off like a bad weave
I pertrude to retreave the last star
From the full mouth, with no fingers to the fence
I commence to grab the foul cinder block route
Then how many times before, so I grout
Pushin' much more...

[Verse 3:]
Ills I be droppin' like an expert, insert the clip
And let off the best ease off, I'm givin dirt naps that last more than eternity
Weak minded foes get bloated like surgery
You never heard of me, you new comer, straight done up
Hit you with a verse, because I'm evil with my lethal
Vocabulary, spark a spliff, it's very necessery
So ease up or get caught up in the cemetary
Understand and prepare ya mind, it's realness
Unpredictable skills, that's build, so just chill, kid

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