Jedi Mind Tricks - I Who Have Nothing Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

I Who Have Nothing Lyrics
I, I who have nothing...

[Verse I: Ikon]

Intersections in real time
The umbro can circle in dimensions of the mind
Atomic bonds
The eternal time that defines
The vanity of my insanity in thru time
Will shine
Like the night seeds under the moon
The haunted corners of familiar rooms
Yet i'm consumed
With vanishing into thin air
The realization that this shit is my cross to bare
So where
Did I think I could run away to see
The people that decided to leave without asking me
But we
Decide to wait for happier tomorrows
And find someone so they can be distractions from our sorrows
For my distractions the books of paper that i've scrawlened
I'm eloquent in summer breeze and leaves just have fallen
I crawl in a corner hoping all of this will end
With the knowledge that love is just another word for revenge
I who have nothing but the comfort of my sins
I who have nothing but the comfort of my friends


I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no
I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no

[Verse II: Ikon]

As I decay, demons prey above me like a vulture
Ability to endure contradiciton is a high sign of culture
Verbal sculptures, self defacing
It is not God or lunacy that I am facing
But the erasing of the purity and passion of my words
The herds of cattle babble on with talk of the absurd
But I preferred
To walk away from all the feuds
To find my life is more confusing than a rubic's cube
So i'm subdued
In all my words of verbal prods
To live alone one must be an animal or a God
But it's official
All of my pain is clear as crystal
The natural side of life has now been seeming artificial
But I can hit you
And rest assured that i'ma last words
I could give a f*ck about ya secrets and ya passwords
I can pass words with the ability to hurt you
Patience is a virtue and knowledge is a ?commercial?
I who have nothing but the pain that I refer to
I who have nothing but the pain that I refer to


[Verse III: Ikon]

Lost among the miracles, I stand alone
And i've grown into a being that's sitting on top of throne
I've known
For many years that I would turn to rust
I find a reason for another breath
Before my return to dust
I become one with science and mathematic and the rising of the sun
I'm numb
To all of those who blinded cannot see
The chastiser of the enemy
Perception requires duality
Inspect ya soul, the color of coal inside the body
I have hardly, come across them who's holy
Send them to the ?cheribem? to control thee
Burning of the sun and frigidness of the cold
The battle field is new but the war is now old
You can never see the merest shadow of a halo
Above the head of evil jin who's deadly like tornado
The world has become an aquarium
Full of gaping fish with murderous mouths
I on the other hand stand on the outside looking in
Writing down murderous files
I who have nothing but the lack of variation
And I who have nothing but chains and suffocation


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