Jedi Mind Tricks - I Against I Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

I Against I Lyrics
In my historical oracle
I blast metaphorical
Editorials educating
In my territorial get torn
Heavenly arm with seventy bombs
That'll blast devine like a heavenly song
Your men'll be gone
If they explore my deepest thought
I beat hearts in 2 then ask demons for chalk
I'm dreaming a stalk
MCees in the dark I walk
Blindfolded the mines golded
Watch how you talk
My styles is an art
Recognize lycially purity
All hell breaks loose like a mall with no security
The dopest vocalist
With my third eye I focus with
I proceed, flow with the speed of an Indy motorist
There's more of this than wasted
Shiny chains and braclets
I hit tracks my toungue weigh
For the brains to blaze in
Amazin angelic, tell it to your people

[chorus x2]
Illedelph is like the sun cause we shine with rhymes
Underground is like the moon you only see us at times
At times with light skies when the stars recline
Jedi Mind, outer space, coincide to combine

[Jus Allah:]
Raw poems, buried your body in catacombs
Rip your soul from your limbs
Like brims from Jip Jones
In the Twilight Zone we disperse cowards
Vampires that stalk earth on reverse hours
Nite cause we talk a different song
My latitude is God darts out my jaw
Leave eternal scars
You left breathing out of tubes
Straws by the marksman, harnessin
Science for the marvelous and the charlatan
Raps will make your parallax
My domain has power to block synapses I daze
War shots fight of by the army type warlock
Devil's Plan is to have you drip in the Clorox
Beast deceiving us ways devious possessing
My peeps who walk streets with stolen heat like Prometheus
Elements rushin you back to hell again
Illadelphians crush your skeleton into f*ckin gelatin


[Ikon the Verbal Hologram]
Don't ever come to me with war
I'm seven scores of orators
Rappers fall on all fours like minotaurs
With Jedi Mind and the planetary we bombin this
We stand one step above you like a pharmacists
With all in this detonate the bomb
Heads dread hallucinogenics in Vietnam
I spit a song create bombs like an Iraqi
Swear on the bible and the lines of Ecclesiastes

Assault and battery

[Ikon the Verbal Halogen]
Battle me that on even split you
Store enormous amounts of energy in a crystal
We boa constrict you
The gods of militant
You faggots couldn't go the length
Like you was impotent, you ignorant
Your whole click is split in half
You step in allah's path, and face Allah's wrath, WHAT

[chorus x2]

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