Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavy Metal Kings Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Heavy Metal Kings Lyrics
[Vinnie Paz/Louie Dogs:]
I murder you and laugh
I'm Barry Sanders slashing through the path
you a magician's assistant, I'm sawin' you in half
you a heathan that rely on the beast
I'm a demon at the fire crucifyin' the priest
I shine over beats
a motherf*ckin' beast on the mic
I'm a lion out the jungle, raw meat what I like
I bleed in a fight, Vinnie like the taste of his blood
and I'll open up your stomach like the case of a slug
I'm faithful to drugs, puttin' metal plates in your mug
dump your body in the motherf*ckin' lake in a rug
face in the mud, y'all create the facade
that my people have exterminated faith in they god
patience is hard, cousin, but it pays to be calm
go to war for anybody who embraces Islam
I'm gracious and warm, ready for the place in the war
and I'm ready to smash your motherf*ckin' face in the floor

we got that gangster gangster shit
we got that murder murder shit
you talk that gangster gangster shit
we live that murder murder shit

[Ill Bill:]
without order nothing exists, without chaos nothing evolves
now get on your knees so I can stick this gun in your mouth
I'm a Slayer album personified, Holocaust, Columbine
Middle Passage, Israel versus Palestine
It's the cult leader drink your Kool-Aid
roll with the doctors that produce AIDS
I open my mouth, I shoot flames
the freedom fighter that got the whole world terrified
Ill Bill, human manifestation of genocide
stand amongst Grammy winning grimy nose candy sniffers
blast the black metal at you like Danny Lilker
it's impossible to escape my matrix of hate
I'll make a good girl a cum dumpster, Satan awaits
set the razors to AKs and turn razors to grapes
turn blood into wine with an insatiable taste
drink from the goblet of gore, vomitting porn
Sodom and Gomorrah back to Canarsie New York


[Vinnie Paz/Louie Dogs:]
you don't know about the gospel of Judas
about the information found in the Galapagos Ruins
how the warriors would sharpen they blades
how if they government wanted to they could cure you of AIDS
we the equivalent of fire and ice
the equivalent of a prisoner who die for his rights
I'm lyin' to Christ, put your f*ckin' spine in a vice
I'm like Trump in the Apprentice, only fire at night
I'm dyin' to fight, slap you five and put ten in you
Louie Dogs, a f*ckin' genocide general
so I say f*ck the CIA and they plan
get me outta here I'd rather f*ckin' stay in Iran
I'll run up on you with grenades in my hand
if you f*ckin' round with Bill or try to hate on my fam
it's the dichotomy of hatred in man
if you ever even think of tryin' to play me then blam
blap bap


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