Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood In Blood Out Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Blood In Blood Out Lyrics
[Intro: a man speaking]
If one does what God does enough times, he becomes as God is
If you put it together, you get what you wanted
What you desired, if you do it enough times
He believes, you become one who is wanted, and desired
and accepted, because God has Power
And if one does what God does enough times, one will become as God is

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Yeah.. Jedi Mind Baby..

Yeah we bringin you the hardcore, the real raw type shit
You aint never seen nothing before like this
Its all real, all ill, and all natural
We all kill, all still, an blast at you
I like blood, I like tasting ya flesh
I like slugs, I like David Koresh
I like anything thats related to death
I like any king that can reign with his fist
Now back to the topic at hand
Steadily Shine, Shine Steadily with my fam
I'm the one who put the nail in the cross
I'm the one who told the world about an alien corpse
I'm the one who brought the truth to the light
If you listening to me you couldn't lose in a fight
Abusing the mic, with the force of five lions
Anybody f*ckin with Paz can die trying

[Chorus: Stoupe]
[Mixed sound clips]

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
I'm a caged lion, always dying to hurt you
Always a believer that my rhymings a virtue
You just a heathen, and you lie like the church do
I can't believe that Allah hasn't cursed you
You too commercial, you still a disgrace
You like to sit around with women watching Will & Grace
I cant over-stand your sweetness
You should try hire a therapist to beat this
I'm being facetious, you should heed this
I'm the one who hammered the first nail in Jesus
I'm the definition of Toxic
Anyone who ever got close to me got sick

[Chorus: Stoupe]
[Mixed sound clips]

[Verse 3: Vinnie Paz]
We like heavy death metal, listening to Sepultura
Remain calm, study Islam, and read Qu'ran
You can't fallow the paths of Mans Hill
You can't study the math and can't ill
You cant over-stand what I believe
You drown in an ocean of God and can't breathe
It's like I've been involved with beef
Since the days of (??) I learned how to worship Allah
I learn how to rhyme, and I teach it to y'all
I'm speakin to y'all, it's hardcore, real rap
Real slugs, real clips and real gats
You real whack, and thats how I feel
And thats the reason that I got a reason to kill

Yeah.. follow me daddy
Jedi Mind
What's the f*ckin deal

[Chorus: Stoupe]
[Mixed sound clips]

[different clips play until the end of the song]

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