Jedi Mind Tricks - Beyond The Gates Of Pain Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Beyond The Gates Of Pain Lyrics
[Sean Price]
Yes, just infest, the best is I
Leave you, stretched on the sket, in Bedford-Stuy
With a, lead to eject, but I bet it's I
Did that, like a rat, you testify
Niggaz like what's the matter with Sean?
I'm like nothing, just thinkin' of a verse
That can shatter the song, foreign bitches
Know the stamina strong, 20 g's for the pictures
Stay in the country, so I married the mob
Don, thirty-two, but the game is 12
And the fifth for these funny niggaz; Dave Chappelle
When Run-DMC was f*ckin' Raising Hell
I was on the run from d's, these raised in hell
Kinda broke, couldn't raise the bell
Caught by many, broke two f*ckin' arms, son, engage for bail
Beat the case, got my big gauge, back as well
With rap, you can sing such amazing tales, nigga
Ya'll niggaz bust my web, heat pop
Niggaz cut ya dreads, cuz ya'll scared
Rockin' and rollin', guns and roses
Pockets is swollen, son is holding
Sean P, I'm the master of ceremony
That's blastin' at every phony ass rapper that ever know me
Niggaz act like they ready for war
Get slapped with the tool, wake up bitch, get ready for school, one

[Chorus x2: Vinnie Paz]
We in this game for the money and the long life
Whether we battle with the gats or it's all mics
We can rumble with the bats or the long pipes
Vinnie Paz, it's a wrap, with Sean Price

[Vinnie Paz]
I'm more powerful than Gargamel, guard ya grill
And you'll be starved and killed
It's hard to build, when God revel
That you eat lard for meals
So as the saga builds, we need raw shit
We need EPMD to drop more shit
The hardcore shit, bang out, bust a gat
The '84 shit, how they now hustle crackc
We build and we destroy until the sun rock
Until we hear the sounds of the last gun shot
But I'mma ride until the wheels falls off
Til the high in these last few pills wear off
You failed with frost, pussy rap, filled and crossed
Sellin' bags of that raw shit filled with salt
I kill ya thoughts, with a nine MA eagle
Make me sick to my stomach, like ya'll gay people
I'mma slay evil, that's what Allah likes
Vinnie Paz, Jedi Mind Tricks, Sean Price

[Chorus x2]

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