Jedi Mind Tricks - Before The Great Collapse Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks Lyrics

Before The Great Collapse Lyrics
[Vinnie Paz]
Mummy, I don't wanna live no more
I don't think I got nothin' else to give no more
It's like I've lost my passion for life
It's like call on my actions of tribe
I don't feel like I used to about the world
I don't feel like I used to about my girl
I just wanna die mummy, 'cause it's too hard
I just wanna lie calmly in the view dark
Ever since daddy died it's been pain mummy
It's like there's something wrong with my brain mummy
You was always there for me so I love you
I die for you and I place noone above you
Tell Lenny and the kids that you stay strong
And when I meet my maker that I'm gonna pray for
And tell Pete that I think he'll be a great father
Tell Young that I think he'll be a great author
Tell Planet that his wife and kids are gorgeus
And the same go for Andy and for Marcus
Tell Syze that I have faith in 'em
And never let the industry snakes get 'em

[Vinnie Paz]
I got a few things more I should say mummy
I never meant to hurt you in any way mummy
I never meant to hurt anyone, it's God's work
'Cause wakin' up everyday for me is hard work
And tell June, that she was the love of my life
And that I never stopped lovin' here even in spite
All the things that we went through together
Do the highs and loans and bad run 'em
Let Frank know he always made me smile
Tell him back in the days was crazy wild
Tell Stoupe that I always had his back, ma'
And we was meant to be together on a track, ma'
Tell Cheek I consider him a brother
When I die, the pain will spit into another
That's just how life go along, it's painful!
I'll come back to you in dreams as an angel
So don't blame yourself for what happened
'cause you was the best mother that I could father
Someone going to the first place I can go
I love you, sincerely Vincenzo!

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