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Jean Grae Lyrics

P.S. Lyrics
[Guy] Yo we gotta get outta here, what's taking you so long?
[Jean] Alright alright I'm coming, I just wanna send out
[Guy] C'mon
[Jean] I just wanna send a couple emails, just gimme a second, I'll be like 5 minutes
[Guy] Alright

[Verse 1]
Whats up vicky
Man I cant believe you wrote to me
The last time that I saw you
You even spoke
Remember on 8th street
Chillin' with Peter and he was all this my girl wanna meet her?
That shit was bugged right
Anyway...hummhumm damn is been a long time
I see you're still artistic, talented
Vicky listen
I did some foul shit to you
Even though it's passed
I vow to you apologies a thousand times
How could you, even look me in the eye then
You're a bigger person then I ever was
Or at least I'm trying
I should of never touched 'em
We should of never crushed and
Then straight lied to your face about it
No trace of blushing
But I was young and stupid
Shooting all crooked and keep it f*cking up a friendship
For some ass, should of never pursued it
Just wanted to thank you for understanding and reaching out
Love Jean, holla back at your homie, peace, I'm out

P.S. just had to get this offa my chest
I hope you're well, I really wish you the best
And as you can tell i've done alot of growing up
And time goes fast and no sign of slowing up
So if its any consolation karma got me bad
And anything I did wrong I wish I never had
I hope that all this drama we can leave in the past
Please feel free to write back

[Verse 2]
Hey marshall
I pray to god this is your email
Or else someone is gonna read alot of details
I hope you're doing well, matter a fact I know that you are
Probably married, pickett fence, kids, well, best regards
You always had it in you
Motivated, studious, impervious to outside influences that can ruin it
Anyways listen
I tried to reach out before
On the first record number 8, f*ck it
It was hardly in stores, 2 days still
I bet you moved far from us
It was a long time ago, about five summers
I just wanted to say I'm sorry, sorry for cheating
Sorry I wasnt honest, it wasnt a good reason
You probably dont care but I still mean it
Still put it in the air and hope that you feel that I'm being sincere
You didnt deserve a broken heart
And I wish you the world
Love Jean, scream later at your girl


[Verse 3]
Dear Jean
I see you're doing big things
Congratulations hey I even saw that big ring
Who would of thunk it huh? L-O-L
You even seem content
I notice that you're more focus
Drinking less is well
Anyways its been too many months having henny days
I think is plenty grave, plus you get your penny saved up
And say what?!? second album
Whatever happened to the thought of edging rapping
Still living in Manhattan?
Side tracking note, just on the low
All apologies, I used to hate your f*cking guts
Please pardon me, tried to kill you more than once
I've acted horribly, and all my pessemism towards your life
Still bothers me
But you're a big girl now
You've fought and made it through
Best of luck homie
And everything I say is true
XOXO space smiley face dot dot dot comma much love, Hugh


Ah cap locks, delete


And send

[Guy] C'mon we gotta go, what's taking you so long?
[Jean] Alright I'm done, I dont bother you when you're writing emails
[Guy] Damn, yo we go through this all the time, c'mon girl
[Jean] Im doin business
[Guy] Alright alright
[Jean] Not really
[Guy] Come on come on
[Jean] You didnt know that
[Guy] Yea the cab's downstairs, c'mon
[Jean] Alright alright, c'mon c'mon

Oh hey, umm on an end note Jean Grae would like to send a special thanks to
Will, JoJo, Family and apple martinis for making this presentation possible
Thanks guys (clapping)....guys...yayyy woooo ready, colin we did it, woohoo
This Week..This Week...Is Ova
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