Jean Grae - Love Thirst (Remix) Lyrics

Jean Grae Lyrics

Love Thirst (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Busta Rhymes)

My caramel mahogany fairtail
You gon do very well
Fearing for the fairwell
Stay a while, we can just lay a while
See my smile better
Lay your chest on me, make you my sweater
I want the rest of you
Pressing me head up
I need contact
Your windows reflecting me back
Later I ask where your memories at
Your face teling me that
You need a taste where the hennesy's at
C'mon lace me
Replace glasses with the tip of my tongue
I won't front baby
Later your sprung
And though relation is young
I feel it's making a connection to young
So that I xxx like the chick in the song
No lie
Won't I
Take my time let the bass unwind
Claymation could'ntmold a better mind
Your sick
And I'll be the nurse and you'll be the patient
Boy how insane could it get
I'm so high babay


Baby I'm so high off your love (ooo)

Ok turn the lights off, no
Turn them back on
Want you to see my backbone and my blacktones
Start minimal
Raise it to animal
Please your no amiture
Please beyond tangible
Knees be all tangled up
Like the candles
Placed on the mantle that
That romanced at angles
We'll slow dance till tango'n gets horizontal
I know you go longer that flows with no comma
I'm high on ya
You like it don't ya
To survive by just biting on ya
Like the high note
Nibble just a little bit
Everything I'm thinking your already delivering it
Pleasure unheard
You ain't even done first
When I done burst crazy
I'm in love thirst
You are the quincher
Maybe we should be taping so you could remember
I'm just sass'n

High (your making me so)
High (you got me so)

High (your making me so)
High (baby)
Baby I'm so high off your love (ooo)

High (your making me so)
High (I'm getting so)

(can you stop getting me?)
High (your love is so)
High (baby)
Baby I'm so high off your love (ooo)
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