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Give It Up Lyrics
[Jean's alter ego talking]
Hey boy, you know sometimes when two people are in love
They just can't seem to get it together
And that's how I feel about you

[Jean Grae]
He already knew I was down for the cause
But hard to get is much more fun
What's better than that really?
Son was like feel me?
I was all Nah
Catchin' feelings truly upset when he had to go
And school me on ways of catchin a mate, god
I'm matchin' a date cuz I'm lackin skills
Smaller than an Ipod
I'm kiddin I know the mackin is rules
Was tackin on the wifey latch since backpackin in school
But he's different though I feel him mo
Can't play it simple, No!
Can't f*ck up the friendship for them dimples, Nope!
I need to enter his space and probe his INTERSCOPE
Just like im vanity lookin for his inner glow
He's not a BAD BOY, never sampled his type before
Moved to New York from Los Angeles
Cali Swagger ain't attached to nothin
We puffin analyzing the city after he's rollin somethin
I wanna ROCK A FELLA so bad, oh man
Note pad filled with all the ink his soul had
Visions of us. Kissin the whole nine
No JIVE could picture his whole profile
But I can't sleep, I risk the chance of losin everything
A friendship is more important than a wedding ring
Now he's callin me I keep actin SHADY
And lately screenin all his calls to escape
He keepin my heart safely tucked in, but I can't function
Until the AFTERMATH of our conjunctions passed
Punkin out, Im duckin out his way
Can't look him in the face, eyes drippin with game
My mind is trippin again, damn

[Jean's alter ego Talking]
You got me goin crazy
I think I, I think I love you

[Jean Grae talking]
Maybe it just shouldn't be us two
Maybe I'm just not the one who's right you know
And maybe we can't be together tonight
Or maybe it's just not good
I mean, maybe you just need another girl
Maybe I can't just be in your world
Maybe we just can't be together
For you, whatever

[Jean's alter ego talking]
Boy you got me going crazy
Should we be lovers
Should we be friends
I just wanna be with you, until the end

[Jean Grae]
I Jean Grae solemly need this Fresh to death man
Even blind girls can see that he's DEF JAM
I'm in this UNIVERSAL problem
Y'all can probably relate, y'all follow then
So do I give my lovin to him?
Or would that just ruin everything that we're about
I'm so attached to him
He knows the way I am, tempers un-godly so
Domestic violence could turn to me on DEATH ROW
He's so persistant with it, we're makin out again
We double datin, out with one of his COLUMBIA friends
He didn't graduate, Son makes him feel shitty
We leave the place, and run hand in hand around the city
He leans in kisses me, his G UNIT shiftly
My mind is ? movin into ecstasy
His warmth next to me, now we're all neckin
Layin in his arms affection

[Jean Grae talking]
Maybe it should be us two together
And maybe I'm the one for you forever
Or maybe we we're suppose to be together tonight
And maybe everything is just right
And maybe I'm your love until the end of time
And maybe I'm suppose to be yours, and you mine
And maybe It's just alright
And for you still, whatever

[Jean's alter ego talking]
Well I guess I, I guess I was the one for you
This is beautiful, Just us together forever and ever and ever
Can I get you anything?
Do you need some weed?
A backrub?
A slice of cake?
I'd do anything for you boy
Anything, anything
Except for that
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