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Mrs. California... Lyrics
I gots this saucy lil' tender
Baby bad to the bone
Disrespect lil' mama best to know it be on
I go hard for baby girl
I can't help but to dig her
A lil' jealous cause I know she got more than one nigga
The way I figure its cool if you're treatin' her right
You best be suckin' her, f*ckin' her, and eatin' her right
You want the truth
I done bust shots for baby before
For niggaz neglectin' and disrespectin' my ho
"Hell no! You lost your mind? Is y'all crazy?"
This is my bitch, I love her, and she havin' my babies
We been together since the top
When I was jockin' the corners
Was only 10 when I met my lil' friend California
Stumbled up one her when I was like ridin' my bike
Come to find out, Cali gets live at night
She hang wit Bay boys
And bangers called Crips and Bloods
She taught me how to hustle sellin' dimes and dubs
We made love on the daily
I was payin' her dues
Cali taught me the game
But Cali changed the rules
Confused, I never knew better
Used to sweat her for cheddar
She seduced me, and used me, from the day that I met her
She had me body guardin'
And I'm jump-startin', and I'm drive bying' and dischargin'
High speed chasin', false statements to the sergeant
I was so young and so dumb
The time, had no funds
But f*ckin' wit young Cali
I got more dope and more guns
Put me on her turf and made me hustle for her trap money
Whispered in my ear "If you do good I'll give you rap money"
Sat me down one night so she can whip me wit some game
Gave me pen and pad, equipped me wit some slang
Told me that I'd write about the life that she had laid out
Keep her name alive
And make sure she never played out
Represent that place where we met on that Cali corner
Let the world know I got a thang for Mrs. California
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