J-Dawg - Up Next/Insane As Frankie Da Screwdriver (Outro) Lyrics

J-Dawg Lyrics

Up Next/Insane As Frankie Da Screwdriver (Outro) Lyrics
(feat. Insane)


Gang bangin', dope slangin', guns ringin' everywhere
Money makin', man no fakin', givin' up a bottle cap

[First (and only) verse]

I'm bout as real as they come, nigga we started this first
I told your Mom "I know it hurts to see your son in that church"
And they continue to search, lookin' for the killa too sweet
He got the laws out on the street while they mobbin' hoes on the beat
Have a pete, these hoes is great, eatin' steak under the plate
Believe they handlin' weight
Suckin' dick and feedin' ya grapes
They got some loot of they own
Pushin' balls of heroin
17 shots to the dome
Oh yeah, they packin' that chrome
Now they freakin' this nigga
Wanted for killin' and dope dealin'
How did you figure
You'd ever get away nigga?
Now they kickin' in doors
And knockin', fallin' on floors
Them coppers packin' four fours
Your life ain't no longer yours
Have 'em beggin' to stop
They pop a nigga off top
This nigga poppin' a cop
Straight puttin' it down for his block
Them hoes ain't lettin' SHIT slide
Bangin' like Bonnie & Clyde
Left way too many smokin'
Straight leavin' foreheads open
I got that eagle, bangin' 'em like it's legal
Them hoes done put me down, now I'm goin' to meet them people
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