J-Dawg - Freak Nasty (Remix) Lyrics

J-Dawg Lyrics

Freak Nasty (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Playboy Shaburnke)

[Chorus: J-Dawg & Shaburnke]

That's my hoe
Freak nasty, jump on it
Jump on it
Jump on it
I already know
Freak nasty, jump on it
Jump on it
Jump on it

You'll barely catch me on the radio (True)
Cuz I'm nasty as f*ck
It's goin' down with me hoe, don't ask me what's up
Ain't no strings involved at all, unless you up in Texas
Just head and sex, bed and rest
I expect nothin' less
I'm impressed with the dog hoes, LORD KNOWS!!!!!
Barely talkin' to bitches til' they on all four
You wastin' time tryin' to play with my mind
My attention span is stayin' on replacin' my prime
Oh you don't f*ck on the first date? Then I'ma end this here and disappear
It's four o' clock, you know I'm hot, you got no business here
But since it's clear you're tryin' to slam me
Ram your door in your ass and you dip and I'ma handle it by my damny
Can we cut through this propaganda?
That monkey look, juicy as a tropicana droopin' over my banana
Now I can handle a lil' plan, but I'm sayin' you pissin' me off
Gettin' me soft, break a nigga off


Say faw, you better grab her (quick!)
She don't want my autograph, bruh
She tryin' to slide me her number so I can stab her
Only got one night in town, so I'm bout it
This hoe done wrote her number down, say this nigga childish
This was the baddest bitch
You could tell by her fit, that she had a grip
Pussy was poppin' out her pants like she had a dick
And it was callin' me, had to hit
And you know it


I needs a bitch to eat dick for breakfast
Wild and reckless
Respect the pimp Bitch and don't expect shit
You know my skeelo so don't try to sweat me
Let me do my thing and hit that ass, when I get ready
It's poppin' everytime I see her
Cuz she a, high powered freak, and can't sleep til' a nigga "G" her
Many don't like her, but the hoe got long though
And that pussy so good you could put it in the gong show
Wrong hoe to f*ck, if the grip is regular
She "G" me for free, but she all about the cheddar, bruh
Let her f*ck a deacon, have that nigga speakin'
How evil ass is good and he'll be missin' on the weekend
She even lick a nigga booty hole, do me so swell
I be kickin' in the air like I'm bout two years old
Knew this hoe was a freak, but God damn
I f*ck her every chance I can
That's a nasty BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please don't think just because I'm livin' lavish
You gone toss a nigga cabbage
If you beat me to eat, you must wanna toss a nigga salad
Now recognize what you up against, I'm a pimp
You a hoe, me payin' you don't make no f*ckin' sense
Ain't nothin' for you but the taste of a rubber
No public debut for you, you stay undercover muthaf*cka
Trust a nigga when I tell ya
The less people know about us, the better
You'z a nasty BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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