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J-Dawg Lyrics

Bombs Away Lyrics
(feat. Insane)

I'm comin' straight for your goods, nigga I don't want your lil' hoes
I seen ya smokin' opthimals in your benz at my shows
I'ma wait and be patient
Your boy was flossin' on Daytons
Caught him at the right time
Tec-9 bullets went to flyin'
One got hit in the spine, but he made it, that was luck
Y'all drawin' plans to see the man, lil' Frankie here, so what's up?
I drew some plans of my own
Your partner's home all alone
Shouldn't have been slippin', hollow tips gone have him sleepin' too long
Beams work better than a scope
He got a red dot on his throat
I pull the trigger, now yo niggas moppin' blood off the floor
I'm screamin' all out wars
I'm runnin' back to my car
Bitches gone bleed to they death
For f*ckin' round with a vet
I got'z to finish my mission, pipe bomb, hit the ignition
Only nigga wishin', mashin' out in the expedition
All black chucks, black jeans, and a black hoodie
Smoked out, puffin' on a Keep Movin' goody
Fully paid from jackin', I'm stackin' a nigga shit
Will invade your mansion, and snatchin' what we can get
Guess you didn't see us comin' cuz we came in the dark
Blew that ass up, like it's centennial park
Bombs Away!

[Chorus: J-Dawg]
Nigga, nigga Bombs Away [x8]

Y'all thought Insane couldn't flow
But I took control of the show
And these soldiers ain't lettin' go til' your people hit the floor
i got'z to get to your G's, cuz mine come on a freeze
I smoke a gang of that weed, then I straight be blastin' with thieves
Goin' all out for this shit
How many domes I'ma split?
I'm just a hustler from the door with a hundred chickens to get
Your day gone fade in the black
The camp be on the attack
You think it's cool? I got my strap, I blast ya clean off the map
I'm representin' Big Boy
Killer men takin' they cars
Got twenty G's, and I'm jettin'
Loaded nine, f*ck a Smith & Wesson
Bullets made for cuttin' and bustin' a nigga chest
Dynamite, one light put your whole firm to rest
Hate to be the nigga had to find that bloody mess
Nose still hurtin' from inhalin' the burnt flesh
Niggas gotta wear a vest, for f*ckin' round with the best
I'ma psycho sniper killa, on the foreala
Thrilla from Manila, quick to fluffin' your coffin pillow
Hit'cha for your scrilla then crack the top on the 'ze
And when you make it, tell your maker that Insane don't play
Bombs Away nigga!

Bombs Away nigga

[sound of explosion]


Soon as you thought it was over
I'm standin' over your shoulders
Right there in the middle of your crib
Got thirty seconds to live
You'll take a shank in the rib, bleed, fall to the floor
I bet you bitches never disrespect the camp no more
I roll with nathan but felons
Soon as they finish we bailin'
J-Dawg be chokin' your bitch, for all the screamin' and yellin'
Never had love for no hoes
I hit that hoe with bow-lows
She got some knots on her head
Her man about to be dead
Grab my weapon, ain't no time for guessin'
That's out of the question
Niggas tried to blast me, cop killers taught him a lesson
Four niggas against a veteran
Can't win, in this profession
My life, be like a mission
With Tokyo ammunition
I'm wishin' I catch'em slippin'
One of them niggas missin'
Big Mitch in the other room
With a bomb strapped to the broom
We made it out to the van
He got the switch in his hand
That's the plan
Make them bitches think they gettin' away
I hit the switch in broad day, you know the camp don't play
Bombs away nigga!

Bombs Away

[sound of explosion]
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